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Our customers want to build faster, protect their brand and grow their businesses. Having better partners is the first step in bringing that vision to life. We’ve spent years perfecting our hydrocarbon extraction equipment in order to give our customers that competitive edge and make groundbreaking products. We understand entrepreneurs, because we’re one too.

Precision® closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction systems

Precision® closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction equipment

PX1 Hydrocarbon Extractor

PX1 Hydrocarbon
Cannabis Extractor

Precision’s economical hydrocarbon solution for cannabis extraction.

  • Suitable for butane and propane solvents
  • 3-5 lb per hour processing*
  • Up to 40 lb per 8-hour shift*
  • Removable material columns
Precision XMU Hydrocarbon Extractor

XMU Hydrocarbon
Cannabis Extractor

Precision’s next-generation, closed-loop hydrocarbon extractor.

  • Suitable for butane and propane solvents
  • 8.5 lb capacity per batch*
  • Up to 200+ lb per 8-hour shift*
  • Integrated falling film solvent recovery and CRC
  • Built to full 3A sanitary and cGMP standards
X10 MSE Extractor

Cannabis Extractor

Ideal for mid-level commercial production and craft applications.

  • Suitable for butane, propane & ethanol solvents
  • Up to 10 lb per hour processing (butane or propane)*
  • 10-27 lb per hour processing (ethanol)*
  • Up to 200 lb per 8 hour shift*
  • Suitable for cannabis & hemp
  • Removable material baskets
  • C1D1 compliant
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Precision X40 MSE Extractor

Cannabis Extractor

For mid or large-level commercial production and craft applications.

  • Suitable for butane, propane & ethanol solvents
  • Up to 36 lb per hour processing (butane or propane), depending on blend*
  • 10-72 lb per hour processing (ethanol)*
  • Up to 575 lb, per 8 hour shift*
  • Suitable for cannabis and hemp
  • Removable material baskets
  • Non-stop operation with four material vessels
  • C1D1 Compliant
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Compact Size, Maximum Yield

A small footprint means more room to work and a more efficient lab, but our hydrocarbon extraction systems don’t give up capacity or functionality for size. Our extractors provide users with powerful and efficient processing to maximize your return on investment.

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Why We Recommend Hydrocarbon Extraction

Hydrocarbon solvents, like butane and propane, are the most popular and commonly used extraction solvents and have been used in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries for more than 50 years. Hydrocarbons are known for their ability to produce quality products in a single extraction without requiring further refinement. Additional benefits include:

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Is Butane Extraction Equipment Safe?

Our techs explain the considerations and steps in order to make hydrocarbon extraction a safe and reliable choice in this quick, easy-to-follow article.

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Expert Technical Support

We speak cannabis – and answer our phones. Our customer service reps and technicians live for this industry and know butane extraction equipment and science like the back of their hand. We’re here to support your staff with any questions or technical support they may have.

In Good Company

We love our customers, a lot. If we name drop, it’s only because we’re so proud of their amazing work and to be called their partners.

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