PX30 Hydrocarbon Extractor

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Our next level, closed-loop extractor for butane and propane.

The PX30 hydrocarbon extraction system features Precision’s fully expanded linear design, engineered for large-scale batch processing with our latest passive hydrocarbon extraction technology.

The optimized extraction path reduces batch times. With three times the capacity of the PX10 and a mobile solvent tank for easy refills, the PX30 offers true commercial production.

Next Level Hydrocarbon Extraction

By eliminating the need for a dedicated solvent recovery pump, the PX30 saves annually in energy costs over comparable traditional systems while simultaneously removing the maintenance and replacement expenses associated with system pumps.

The PX30’s four 7.5 lb material columns can be run in parallel, allowing a complete 30 lb batch cycle in under 60 minutes. 

Commercial Production Capacity

The largest in the PX series, the PX30 has a 30 lb capacity and a run time of less than 60 minutes, making it one of the largest and fastest extractors on the market. The best selection for commercial operations focusing on large-scale batch processing and extracting for creating direct-to-consumer cannabis products. 

Rethinking Solvent Recovery

Created with the operator in mind, the PX30 offers ultra-low temperature operation with fast recovery times, with or without a compressor. All functions and features are easily accessible in a linear process flow with conveniently located controls and ergonomics designed for the operator.   

Operate With Confidence

PX30 cannabis extraction equipment comes equipped with modern features and a robust, expanded double rack-mounted design. Each unit comes standard with four 7.5 lb material columns and integrated CRC columns to create high terpene full spectrum live resin or further refinement of low-quality biomass into valuable end products.  

Compliant For Tomorrow

The PX30 Hydrocarbon extractor is C1D1 compliant, engineer peer-reviewed, and made entirely in the USA. Built to complete 3A sanitary and cGMP standards, the PX30 has been engineered with future state compliance in mind to protect your safety and investment, making it the best cannabis extraction equipment on the market. 

Award Winning Extracts

Centrifugal Cannabis Extractor Extracts

Our extraction systems produce more award-winning concentrates than any other brand. Your first step in creating extracts such as Isolate, Sauce, Distillate, Vape Pens, Shatter, Wax/Sugar, Tinctures, and Edibles.

Superior Engineering

We utilize our design, engineering, compliance and manufacturing expertise to ensure that all of our hydrocarbon extractors are reliable, high-quality, and refined. Precision was founded on quality, built on service, and measured on results.


  • Dual line system allows 2 separate batches @ 15 lb capacity or one large batch @ 30 lb capacity to run simultaneously
  • High-efficiency design lowering both capital expenditures and operating expenses while improving throughput
  • Jacketed tanks for temperature control during the extraction process. Liquid and vacuum available
  • Dimpled and double jacketed solvent tank
  • Included material socks for faster material changeover between run cycles increasing daily output
  • The integrated PX30 molecular sieve columns for inline solvent desiccation removes moisture from solvent, preserving the solvent’s effectiveness
  • Dedicated sight glasses in all columns makes process inspection fast and intuitive
  • Incorporating a maintenance-forward design, universal parts minimize the expense of stocking spares
  • Two inline CRC columns provide flexibility in purifying extract through customizable filtration media remediation removing a wide variety of different contaminants in real time
  • Easy-to-use two-bolt compliant tri-clamp service connections
  • Two EXERGY tube-in-tube heat exchangers enabling rapid solvent recovery


30 lb (four 7.5 lb material columns)

<60 minutes

Up to 240+ lb, per 8-hr shift

142″ L x 30″ W x 76″ H

1960 lb

350 PSIG


  • Assembled in USA
  • Designed to meet 3A sanitary standards
  • Designed for cGMP integration
  • NFPA 1 & IFC Compliant
  • Engineer Peer Reviewed
  • Class 1, Division 1 compliant
  • PSI Certified – 50 State Compliant
  • Canadian CRN Compliant

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Precision offers the following on-site product installation and training with experienced extraction technicians:

  • Install & Basic Training
  • Craft Concentrates Training
  • Inline Color Remediation
  • Extract Product Engineering

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