Distributor/Reseller and Referral Opportunities

Are you connected with customers who show interest in solvent-based extraction solutions, such as Hydrocarbon, ethanol, distillation, and post-processing equipment?

Whether you function as a specialized equipment retailer, an e-commerce platform, or a direct-to-client consultant, our offerings cater to the requirements of diverse operations and customer types. Regardless of your reselling demands, Precision Extraction is ready to support your store or enterprise with high-quality products available at competitive rates through distributor, wholesale, and dropship channels. 

Selling Precision Extraction merchandise brings both profitability and convenience, as we provide comprehensive sales team training opportunities and premium media resources to help you establish the sought-after premium brand image your clientele desires. 


What is a Distributor/Reseller?  

A reseller is a business or individual that purchases products from a manufacturer and then resells them to end customers. 


What is a Referral?  

A referral involves recommending a product, service, or business to someone else based on a positive experience or knowledge of their needs. 

In summary, a reseller is directly involved in purchasing and reselling products, managing their own sales process, while a referral involves recommending potential customers to a business without engaging in the sales process directly, often in exchange for incentives. 

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