Hydrocarbon Distillation Unit (HDU)



A Hydrocarbon Distillation Unit (HDU) is positioned between the source solvent tank and the extractor to distill solvent before it enters the extractor.

Adding an HDU to your hydrocarbon extractor will not only save time and increase daily process capacity but ensures cleaner extraction equipment. Are you ready to minimize contamination and maximize your efficiency?

Precision’s HDU works with both new and legacy Hydrocarbon Processing Equipment including the PX1, X10, X40, PX5, PX10, and PX30, and several other hydrocarbon extractors in the industry. To ensure compatibility with your hydrocarbon extraction equipment, contact Precision for a custom evaluation.

Towards the end of the gallery of images, you can see the HDU connected to a PX5 Hydrocarbon Extractor from Precision.


Efficient Solvent Distillation

Continuously refill and distill butane solvent

A Hydrocarbon Distillation Unit (HDU) is positioned between the source solvent tank and the extractor. The solvent (butane) goes from the source solvent tank, through the HDU, where it is distilled, and then into the extractor. By decontaminating the hydrocarbon solvents in a contained place (the HDU), uncleaned solvent never enters the extractor.

HDU compatible with:

  • Hydrocarbon Extraction

For use with:

  • Butane, Propane, and Isobutane

  • Stand-alone unit cleans butane solvent prior to running it through a hydrocarbon extractor
  • Continuously refill solvent tank, including during soak time, eliminating interruptions to the extraction process
  • Reduce the need to run cleaning cycles, allowing for continuous equipment operation
  • Minimize contamination of hydrocarbon extraction equipment by cleaning solvent before it enters the system
  • Maximize efficiency by adding up to 5 additional extraction cycles per day on PX systems
  • Compatible with Precision’s hydrocarbon systems including the PX1, X10, X40, PX5, PX10, and PX30

Can be paired with non-Precision hydrocarbon extraction systems. Contact Precision for a custom evaluation to ensure compatibility


  • Dimensions (approx.) 34.5″ L x 29.1″ W x 64.8″ H
  • Weight (approx) 151 lb
  • Inlet Connection: Customizable


Provided with a Technical Report certification through an Engineer Peer Review from Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI) that satisfies the Fire Code (IFC and NFPA) for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Not sure what this means? We have a Compliance 101 article if you’re new to the industry or you can contact us directly.

Warranty Information

  • 1-Year


Precision offers on-site product installation and training with experienced extraction technicians.

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