Extraction Systems

Precision Extraction makes best-in-class centrifugal extractors and ethanol extraction systems.


Storage limits are much more lenient with ethanol, allowing facilities to store more solvent while meeting fewer requirements, allowing the user to extract large volumes of cannabis at once. If done properly, ethanol extraction can eliminate the need for dewaxing or winterization. It's also great for creating full-spectrum hemp extracts and tinctures.

Precision Commercial Grade Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge Equipment

C-15 Centrifuge Extractor

Our centrifuge features multifunction jacketed housing supporting either liquid coolant or  vacuum insulation. Simplified material loading and unloading makes the C-15 a very user-friendly, single operator solution. The C-15 is available for purchase as a stand-alone option or as a complete system package including tanks and pumps. All wetted parts on the C-15 are manufactured out of 304L, 316, and 2205 sanitary stainless steel.

C-40 Centrifuge Extractor

The C-40 is available for purchase as a stand-alone option or as a complete package, including chillers, pumps and tanks to make purchasing and installation turn-key. The C-40 features multi-function jacketed housing supporting either liquid coolant or vacuum insulation allowing for a low temperature rating to -40°C. Operators can get down to temperature quickly and stay there in order to mitigate the post processing requirement for winterization.

Ethanol System Add-ons

ASE 100 Solvent Evaporator & Recovery System

The ASE 100 Solvent Recovery System was constructed for the cannabis and hemp industries to solve a myriad of issues faced by traditional methods of solvent recovery. The ASE 100 replaces the need for multiple rotary evaporators and operators with one easy-to-use system. The system is fully programmable via a separate PLC unit connected to a C1D1 approved tablet, all of which can be monitored remotely via a cloud connection. Remote access allows the operators to view and control the speed of the motors and pumps, as well as viewing and data logging the performance metrics.

Ethanol System Comparison

Model C-15 C-40
Capacity per Batch 15 lbs 40 lbs
Batch Cycle Time 10-20 mins 10-20 mins
Basket Size 50L (18" x 12") 133L (26" x 15")
Solents Ethanol Ethanol
Dimensions (L x W x H) 46" x 28" x 52" 62" x 32" x 49"
Weight 1050 lbs 1450 lbs
Variable Frequency Drive 0-1800 RPM 0-1561 RPM
Max Flood Volume 2.5 FT3 (72L) 7.2 FT3 (72L)

*Actual amount of material per run and recovery times on any Precision® extraction system varies depending on composition, cut and moisture of input material, humidity and environmental factors, processing temperatures and operator experience.

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