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Precision® is the global leader in cannabis extraction equipment, technology, site planning, compliance, lab build-out, installation, consulting, and training. Whether you’re just starting in the extraction business, or a seasoned veteran, Precision Extraction Solutions offers the equipment and experience you and your clients are counting on.

Our goal is to help you thrive in the extraction industry through innovation, safety, and service. Hence why more award-winning concentrates are made with Precision® than any other brand! With unparalleled tech support and customer service, Precision® is the world’s only provider of turn-key extraction labs. From site planning to build-out and outfitting your lab, we make the regulatory process easy to navigate.

Awards & Recognition

Entrepreneur Magazine’s

2018 Best in Equipment

Entrepreneur Magazine’s

2019 Best in Technology

Strategic Partners Testimonials

“Heidolph focuses on quality, growth and stability, which is why we have built a strategic partnership with Precision®. Their world-class team composed of innovative leaders and unmatched product line continues to provide solutions to customers of all scalability.”

Michael Bishop | Director-Applied Markets, Heidolph

“Cascade Sciences is proud to partner with Precision® because we share so many of the same values: Quality American Manufacturing, World Class Customer Service, Innovative Equipment Solutions.

Both Cascade and Precision are interested in building relationships, not just entering orders.   In this competitive market, alignment with key partners is key. Cascade is proud to work closely with Precision Extraction Solutions as we continue serve this demanding market.”

Rebecca Allen-Tapp, Cascade Sciences

“JULABO USA and Precision Extraction Solutions formed a strategic partnership in 2016 built on quality, growth, and stability. Precision® provides in-depth knowledge and service to help customers grow their business. They are more than an equipment provider; they’re a competitive advantage…We’ve benefited greatly from a relationship with Precision®, and we believe others will too.”

Mark Diener | Senior Product Manager, JULABO USA, Inc.

“We wanted to partner with reputable industry experts who had a focus on quality, customer service, innovation, and developing optimal solutions for their customers.  Precision® aligned perfectly with our vision.  Their vast amount of knowledge and superior products go hand in hand with the equipment we sell.  We value the relationship we have built with Precision® and look forward to a continued success in the future.”

Matt Campbell, Vincent Corporation

“We find that it is best to only work with companies that share our core values; Precision Extraction Solutions is one such company. With strong communication across all levels, cross training of employees, and a collective focus, the two companies have a great synergy.”

Bill Gorman, Huber

Precision Extraction Solutions has the equipment & expertise you need to succeed!

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