Live Rosin vs Live Resin: What is the Difference?


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    When it comes to cannabis extracts, there are many forms to choose from — isolate, shatter, live resin, rosin, sugar, badder, distillate, etc. But what’s the difference between live rosin and live resin?

    Unlike smoking weed or flower, both live rosin and live resin are concentrated, potent extracts that utilize the natural resin found in the cannabis plant to create a connoisseur-level concentrate experience. The key difference between rosin and resin are the way in which they are extracted.

    What is Live Resin?

    Characteristics of Live Resin

    Live resin, after it is extracted, is soft and pliable. It has a lovely amber color and a sugary texture, as seen below. It is incredibly potent, and it is often seen as a high-end product. It can be turned into various types of products including diamonds via diamond mining, pull and snap, sauce, badder, wax, and sugar. A vape oil cartridge can be filled with live resin instead of distillate.

    An example of live resin.

    An example of live resin.

    How to Extract Live Resin

    The extraction process for live resin is complicated and requires a unique skill set. The whole plant is cryogenically frozen immediately after harvest. Later, the live resin is extracted using a light hydrocarbon solvent, like butane and/or propane, which is then removed from the finished product prior to consumption.

    This process is more complex than other extractions, as it requires special cryogenic equipment as well as light hydrocarbon solvents which are highly flammable and require special storage. Learn more about how to make live resin in this article.

    What Does Live Resin Taste Like?

    Live resin is beloved by cannabis and hemp experts because of its exquisite taste and color. Because of the cryogenic freezing process, the end product retains the plant’s natural terpenes and cannabinoids, which impart a strong flavor and color to the final product. It’s generally regarded as a superior product due to this flavor profile and as pure resin due to the retention of terpenes and cannabinoids.

    Live Resin Cost

    A difference between live resin and rosin is cost: live resin is the lower-cost product to the end consumer. This is mainly due to the scale at which quality live resin outputs can be produced. Long-lasting demand has created large, scalable processes for mass-producing this particular product.

    Live Rosin

    Characteristics of Live Rosin

    When live rosin is skillfully crafted from proper material it creates a product that rivals even the best solvent-based cannabis extracts. The final consistency will be determined by how the rosin is finished. Most producers will opt for the common “cold cure” finish that creates a “badder” style consistency, seen below. It can also be turned into vape carts or cartridges by altering the consistency.

    An example of live rosin.

    An example of live resin.

    How to Make Live Rosin

    Rosin extraction occurs by applying high heat and pressure to fresh buds, hash, or keif to release the resin from the plant. This resin contains high amounts of THC and CBD, making it a potent product.

    Unlike live resin, there are no chemicals (butane) used in this process and rosin can therefore be favored as a more all-natural alternative.

    What does Live Rosin Taste Like?

    The taste of a live rosin product is directly related to the quality of the input material. If high-quality hash is pressed utilizing the proper parameters, the output will mimic the exact aroma and flavor of the live plant in its final moments before harvest. If lower-quality hash or flowers are utilized, a lower-quality output product will result, ultimately diminishing the ability of the process to create a top-tier product. Live rosin is typically consumed as a dab.

    Live Rosin Price

    Typically, live rosin is a more expensive option to the end consumer as the process requires far more labor than solvent-based extracts. This, combined with the small batch artisanal style of many of the best hash brands, results in a more expensive product.

    Live Resin vs Live Rosin

    Ultimately, the difference between resin and rosin comes down to extraction method. While people will pit resin vs rosin, the end product is a key determining factor in which to produce, with rosin commanding higher prices on dispensary shelves.

    We’ll leave it to you to Hash it Out: Live resin vs rosin, which do you prefer?

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