Process 100 to 10,000+ lbs of material per day, with hydrocarbon or ethanol solvent!


Precision® extraction systems are world renowned for quality, safety and precise operation. Costing half of comparable CO2 systems, with 9 times more efficient processing, more award winning concentrates are made with Precision® than any other brand. Click here for more information.


Precision® equipment is compliant in ALL regulated jurisdictions.


Precision® offers our clients a full range of professional services to ensure compliance in ALL regulated jurisdictions. From site planning to build-out and outfitting your lab, we make the regulatory process easy to navigate. Click here for more information.


We provide expert consulting and training to produce all types of extraction products.


We not only manufacture the world’s most advanced professional extraction equipment, we teach our clients how to produce world class extracts. More concentrate awards have been won with Precision® equipment than any other brand. To learn more about training in advanced extraction methods and techniques, click here.

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Why Choose Us?

  • More extract awards have been won using Precision® equipment than any other brand.
  • Precision® offers unparalleled tech support and customer service.
  • Our professional services team is unrivaled in the industry.
  • Precision® extraction systems are 900% more efficient than comparable CO2 supercritical machines, at half the cost, saving our client’s time and money.

Our Extraction Systems

X10 MSE “The Judge”

The revolutionary X10 multi-solvent extractor processes up to 80 lbs of material per day utilizing hydrocarbon or ethanol solvents. The X10 MSE provides ease of use and precise results with controlled heating and chilling.

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PXP “The Predator”

Ideal for a commercial mix of artisan and crude oil applications, the PXP processes up to 15 lbs of material per run. The PXP comes standard with Julabo temperature control units for precise heating and chilling.

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PX40 “The Executioner”

The PX40 is the world’s largest extraction system. Processing up to 90 lbs per run, it takes the X10’s finer points and makes them bigger. The PX40 is well suited for our large commercial producer clients.

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