Making the Sauce: High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction (HTFSE)


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    What is HTFSE and the Sauce?

    The “Sauce” is the industry terminology used to describe the combination of highly concentrated THCa and terpenes unique to the specific variety of cannabis the concentrate was extracted from. Also known as “high terpene extraction or “high terpene full spectrum extraction” (HTFSE), it is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate currently available.

    Because of its high purity, it may also contain naturally occurring THCa crystalline structures (as seen in the photo). When made correctly, the Sauce properly represents each unique plant in the way nature intended it to be.

    By keeping the cannabinoid and terpene ratio as close to natural as possible, you’re able to capture the true essence of the plant, thereby crafting a top shelf product that fetches a top shelf price.

    Photo courtesy of Concentrate Supply Company: Chewbacca “Sauce”

    Popularity of HTFSE

    The Sauce is currently dominating the “dabbable” portion of the concentrate market. Cannabis processors are fetching anywhere between $30-60 dollars per gram wholesale in well established markets and even more in emerging markets. The techniques used to craft these top tier concentrates are often held very tightly by those “in the know”. This can further drive the price and disrupt even the most mature cannabis markets. Being on the cutting edge of technology and techniques in HTFSE is the best way to remain relevant and keep your brand flourishing.

    Photo courtesy of Concentrate Supply Company: Golden Goat “Sauce”

    How to Make The Sauce

    The Sauce is made with very high grade, fresh frozen, input material. Primary extraction is then conducted utilizing a low boiling point solvent, like light hydrocarbon, with sub-zero temperatures in the process. This preserves the natural terpenes and cannabinoids contained within the plant.

    A single solvent deep dewax is sometimes required during the primary extraction process. This will remove the fats and lipids within the solution thereby further purifying the extract.

    The recovery process will then commence using a mild amount of heat in order to prevent degradation of the terpenes and cannabinoids. After the solvent has been recovered, what is left is a high terpene flavorful concentrate that is rich in cannabinoids. i.e., “sauce”.

    Are you interested in making HTFSE & The Sauce?

    Precision has the equipment and training you need. Schedule your free consultation with an extraction expert today!

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    Table of Contents
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