CannaBeast® Thin Film Distillation Systems

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We’ve partnered with InCon Process Systems (IPS) to bring you the most comprehensive, USA-made, stainless steel short path thin film continuous distillation systems on the market today.

Integrated with EliteLab Core v2 Control Interface. Various HMI options give users precise control over all system parameters with the ability to save custom presets/recipes for repeatability and ease of use.


InCon has over 25 years of high-vacuum distillation technology experience.

They’ve designed, built, and operated some of the world’s largest distillation plants, working with hundreds of different compounds. InCon’s experience and knowledge ranges from highly specialized fractional distillation plants (and lab-scale precision systems) to 50m², industrial-scale distillation plants.

Their expertise and experience has set them apart in the short path and thin film distillation markets. Our partnership has allowed us to take true industrial manufacturing experience and scale it down for smaller sectors, with a focus on automation, reliability, and achieving 24/7 manufacturing capabilities.

(CannaBeast® is a trademark of InCon Process Systems)


  • Completely jacketed stainless steel process piping
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) forward design
  • Inline sight glasses
  • Jacketed feed tank, 8-Gallon
  • Manual isolation valves
  • Material contact surfaces: 316L stainless steel
  • Coriolis Flow Meters for reliable, high-viscosity fluid flow monitoring (replacing geared flow meters) with custom cast thermal jackets.
  • Digital pressure transmitters for gear pumps (replacing analog gauges)
  • Standardized insulated cold trap jumper hoses and insulated external cold trap coils
  • Fully welded hot oil lines
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) standard
  • Various Feed Tank options (3-Stage only)
  • Various Human-Machine Interface (HMI) options
  • Various vacuum system options

System Advantages Summary

Single Stage Units:
Utilizing a single stage distillation unit requires multiple passes through the unit to achieve sellable product. Each pass through the machine requires different operational parameters including temperature, pressure, and speed. The dual-pump manifold gives users the ability to run volatile and/or heads stripping passes with a dry vacuum pump coupled with a pressure controller. This provides the ability to set precise pressures alongside temperatures to make stripping passes optimal and most effective.

After the feed product has been thoroughly stripped and prepped for final, heavy compound distillation, users can clean the system and then utilize the rotary vane pump assembly to reach high vacuum levels effectively without disassembly of the unit. This greatly improves the operational simplicity of the units as well as flexibility to perform various distillation types within one machine.

2-Stage Advantage:

Having multiple stages reduces the need for multiple passes when material is properly prepared for the system by utilizing two (2) stages of short path distillation; thus, continuously collecting two (2) distillate fractions and one (1) residue fraction. The first stage is run at higher pressure (low to medium vacuum) and lower temperature to gently or aggressively remove low to medium boiling point compounds. The second stage is run at high vacuum and higher temperature to achieve proper separation of compounds.


Speed & Pass Data

Speed & Pass Data CannaBeast® 20
CannaBeast® 60
CannaBeast® 20
CannaBeast® 60
CannaBeast® 60
Min Feed Flow Rate 5 LPH 10 LPH 5 LPH 10 LPH 10 LPH
Max Feed Flow Rate 20 LPH 60 LPH 20 LPH 60 LPH 60 LPH
Avg. Feed Flow Rate 15 LPH 40 LPH 15 LPH 40 LPH 40 LPH
Minimum Passes 2 2 1 1 1
Output Fractions 2 2 3 3 4

Space and Delivery Requirements

  • Units should be at least 2′ from any wall
  • Ceilings must be high enough to accommodate for wiper basket removal
  • Forklift rated for a minimum of 5000lbs, must have extended forks
  • Ensure machinery location doorway is large enough for footprint listed below
Dimensions  CannaBeast® 20
CannaBeast® 60
CannaBeast® 20
CannaBeast® 60
CannaBeast® 60
Width (in.) 123.5″ 123.5″ 147.5″ 147.5″ 183.5″
Depth (in.) 52 (PLC 64) 64 52 (PLC 64) 64 64
Base HMI Height 92″ 122″ 92″ 122″ 122″
PLC Standard Height 92″ 122″ 92″ 122″ 122″
PLC Auto Height 132″ 157″ 132″ 157″ 157″
Motor + Basket Clearance 36″ 48″ 36″ 48″ 48″

Electrical Requirements

  • Requires a sub-panel with a main disconnect break on panel, sub-panel will have direct connection via conduit into the control panel of the skid
  • Skid has self-contained electrical connections for all utilities on control panel, with the exception of the cold trap chiller
    • Cold trap chillers are located off of skid and are recommended to have their own electrical connection to avoid distance to connection issues
    • Electrical Specifications for cold trap chillers:
      • Huber CC-902: 208V 2 Ph, 60 Hz, 14.5 Amps
      • Huber Unistat 815: 208V 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 21.5 Amps
      • Huber Unistat 815: 460V 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 11.0 Amps
    • Requires Professional Electrician to connect Skid to Sub-panel
Dimensions  CannaBeast® 20
CannaBeast® 60
CannaBeast® 20
CannaBeast® 60
CannaBeast® 60
Voltage 208Y 208Y 208Y 208Y** 208Y**
50% Amps 60 75 75 110 125
Max Amps* 120 150 150 220 250
Panel Max* 150 275 150 300 300
Heat Gen @ 50% 35,000 BTU/Hr 47,500 BTU/Hr 47,500 BTU/Hr 66,500 BTU/Hr 86,000 BTU/Hr
Heat Gen @ 100% 70,000 BTU/Hr 95,000 BTU/Hr 95,000 BTU/Hr 133,000 BTU/Hr 172,000 BTU/Hr

* Max Amps is the maximum amp draw of the system’s utilities; Panel Max is the maximum amperage that the system’s electrical panel can accept.
** Alternative voltage options available upon request.


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Precision offers the following on-site product installation and training with experienced extraction technicians:

  • Extract Product Engineering
  • Distillation Prep
  • Distillation Training

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