Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Cannabis is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The increasing costs of regulatory oversight are just a part of doing business. These costs have become especially apparent within the extraction sector, where C1D1 certification has become the gold standard of safe production.

It’s a building code, it’s an industry regulation, and it’s an integral aspect of local compliance. But, what does C1D1 certification mean, and how does it come into play for cannabis extractors? 

Precision Extraction’s EXP Booths and Modular Pods aim to reduce the complexities of the C1D1 conundrum, no matter the size of the facility.

What is C1D1 Classification?

C1D1 stands for Class 1, Division 1. It’s essentially a technical building code requirement, a classification system established by the National Fire Protection Association, Publication 70 (NFPA 70). 

It incorporates the National Electric Code (NEC) standards, which determine wiring, electrical components, and other safety features.   

According to the US Department of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), any facility which falls under one or more of the following categories requires C1D1 certification:

  • Ignitable concentrations of flammable gasses or vapors may exist under normal operating conditions.
  • Ignitable concentrations of such gasses or vapors may frequently exist because of repair or maintenance operations or leakage.
  • Breakdown of equipment or processes might release ignitable concentrations of flammable gasses or vapors and cause simultaneous failure of electric equipment.

All industries involving hazardous materials such as petrochemicals, ethylene, hydrogen, or acetylene fall under this classification. Because cannabis extraction almost always employs hazardous solvents during production (butane and ethanol are only two examples), the requirement for a C1D1 environment applies.

OSHA has already recommended that states require strict compliance guidelines for cannabis extraction facilities.

Why is C1D1 Certification Needed?

Many solvents used in cannabis extraction are hazardous. A C1D1 environment is necessary to ensure the extraction room is safe for those working within the facility, as well as the surrounding community. The required safety precautions mitigate the risks of working with these potentially explosive or harmful solvents.

For example, butane, a common solvent for cannabis extraction, is a highly flammable gas with a high risk of explosion. It’s compressed and may explode if heated. As it displaces oxygen, it could suffocate anyone within the vicinity. Safe extraction using butane starts by working within a C1D1 extraction room.

But C1D1 is no longer just a requirement for peace of mind. Increasingly, state and municipal health and safety regulators demand this standard. Moreover, many local authorities already stipulate that extractors must follow the strict building codes outlined for C1D1 certified extraction pods.

The C1D1 certification is perhaps the most critical step to building and maintaining a safe extraction production line. In addition to the C1D1 certification, you may still need to follow other state and local regulations. Always be aware of current and updated regulations so that you can ensure proper compliance.

C1D1 Certification Allows for Greater Flexibility

C1D1 certification of an extraction pod or room promises health and safety, but it also promises flexibility. As many extractors have discovered, scaling production is surprisingly challenging. If your municipality didn’t require C1D1 extraction rooms initially, pivoting extraction to respond to market demands or scaling production is fraught with regulatory barriers.

Starting off with C1D1-certified extraction facilities means your facility remains flexible to the whims of the consumer. Ramp up with less red tape or pivot to new extraction technologies without starting from scratch.

For example, a C1D1 rated room means that you can use a pressurized vessel and winterization using ethanol with confidence. Even if it’s not necessary for your extraction process today, this room supports greater flexibility in your production process for whatever the future may bring.

Applications for C1D1-Rated Extraction Rooms

C1D1 extraction pods take safety seriously. They have zero points of ignition, live gas monitoring, fire-suppressing materials, and ventilation that expunges the proper gas levels.

These extraction pods and rooms can be used at all points of the process in which a flammable solvent is present, including:

  • Decarboxylation
  • Distillation
  • Extraction (butane, propane & ethanol)
  • Filtration
  • Post-processing
  • Secure storage
  • Solvent recovery
  • Winterization

6 Reasons to Install C1D1-Rated Extraction Pods

While it’s possible to custom build a C1D1 extraction room, it’s also possible to save time, money, and significant frustration with Precision Extraction’s modular options.

Here are just a few of the reasons why C1D1-certified extraction pods and rooms make sense for extraction manufacturers:

  1. Easy Set-up & Use: Precision Extraction has designed our C1D1-certified extraction pods to be mobile, easy to set up, and simple to use. Our solutions are scalable and flexible, so you can easily transport these C1D1-certified extraction pods to nearly any location. Our extraction pods even have forklift pick points, which means no costly crane or top-pick machinery is required when plans change.
  2. Modular Design: The Precision Extraction modular designs mean rapid production time, usually coming off the line in as little as 4-6 weeks from the time of order. Every pod and room comes standardized with all the safety features, including fire suppression, audio, visual alerts, and gas sensors. Additional features are always available, like LED lighting, exhaust, and purge kits, but these integrate seamlessly thanks to the modular nature of these products.
  3. Compliant with C1D1 Certification, OSHA, and Other Regulations: Both pods and rooms come pre-approved and ready for professional engineers to field verify in all 50 states. In addition, Precision Extraction has partnered with PSI (Pressure Safety Inspectors). Our equipment comes with a PSI technical report certification and a field verification voucher to meet your state and local regulations. At Precision Extraction, we can discuss updating your C1D1-certified extraction pods and rooms to support state and local regulations as needed.
  4. Temperature Control: C1D1-certified extraction pods and rooms come complete with a built-in HVAC system. This means all exhaust, cooling & heating considerations are accounted for, even before install. What’s more, the entire pod, including the HVAC components, plug into power via a single connection point. It’s a straightforward design that reduces install time and unnecessary facility complexities.
  5. Gas & Smoke Removal: During normal operations, equipment may produce various gasses, smoke, and other harmful airborne pollutants. A C1D1-certified extraction room or pod takes every precautionary measure to remove these harmful vapors should they occur, to keep employees and th