The Basics of BHO Extraction


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    What is BHO Extraction?

    BHO (Butane Hash Oil or Butane Honey Oil) is a concentrated extraction of cannabis that has a THC concentration of up to 90%, making it the most potent marijuana concentrate globally. It’s used to create topical treatments, juices for vaping, edibles and several other cannabis products.

    BHO Extraction derived its name from a light hydrocarbon called Butane. This particular extraction process dates back to the 1970s and since Butane is so flammable, it can be very dangerous when not done correctly.

    Thanks to hydrocarbon solvents, BHO has revolutionized the way extractions are done. Cannabinoids are extricated under tension with Butane utilizing unique materials. When in contact with the marijuana plant, the butane gas causes the extraction of the THC and terpenes in the plant matter. Different processes can result in different textures, from oils and waxes to a hard brittle form called “shatter.” Using BHO in its many forms is typically referred to as “dabbing.”

    How is BHO Made?

    BHO is made with a very clean, high purity version of butane gas. During the BHO extraction process, the Butane gas passes through the cannabis in a sealed cylinder separating cannabinoids and terpenes from the raw material of the marijuana plant.

    Open Blasting Systems

    An early method of making BHO, which commercial extractors avoid, is called open blasting. It uses an outdated technique, considered dangerous and wasteful. The danger comes from the fact that the equipment used contains the flammable Butane solvent, which can accumulate in a room and fall to the floor. As the Butane builds up, any device that produces sparks nearby, even something as basic as a lamp plugged into an electrical outlet, can cause a huge explosion.

    Closed-Loop Systems

    When BHO is made in large quantities, closed-circuit Butane extraction techniques are more frequently used. There are advantages of the closed-loop system. In particular, there are no openings for flammable gas leaks.

    In closed-loop extraction, the butane solvent is loaded into a pressurized tank. The cannabis is put into an extraction tube and butane (which is clean, with no taste or scent) is passed through the plant to extract terpenes and other cannabis elements.

    It is worth noting that although this system is more secure than open-blasting techniques, strict precautions must still be taken to avoid errors and accidents.

    BHO Extraction: Things to Keep in Mind

    BHO is a widely used extraction technique. If you do extraction yourself, be sure to closely read and follow all of the safety recommendations of the equipment you use. Don’t do this merely at the beginning, but every single time.

    If you are doing your own BHO extraction at home, make sure you are aware of the correct process for removing impurities. Butane is highly volatile and has effectively harmed and injured several beginners who think they have everything under control.

    Also, remember that BHO concentrates are, as you would expect, concentrated. BHO has a considerably stronger impact than smoking raw cannabis. The THC concentration varies, depending on the method used, but it is usually between 50% to 90%. Those who aren’t acclimated to this higher THC level may not enjoy the experience of consuming BHO, or could suffer side effects like anxiety and paranoia.

    BHO Extraction Equipment

    Precision’s commercial grade closed-loop cannabis extraction systems for butane are available in a range of sizes to meet your needs. Plus, modular design of the PX Series of hydrocarbon extractors enables you to scale up your processing as your operation grows.

    Wondering what system is best for your operation? Talk with an expert today!


    Table of Contents
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