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Our customers want to build faster, protect their brand and grow their businesses. Bringing that vision to life can be tiresome and requires the best partners during each step. We build and supply ancillary extraction equipment in order to give our customers that go-to-market competitive edge and make groundbreaking products.

Quality from start to finish

Many manufacturers only know one piece. Primary extraction. At Precision we know the entire process from start to finish. Not only do we know it but we live it, we optimize it, and we specify a complete system to meet your needs. We can provide a fully turn-key solution that doesn’t have common bottlenecks that processors face. Having a one stop shop saves you time and money and ensures the accuracy of your system when it comes time to put it to work.

Our ancillary extraction equipment includes:

  • Winterization
  • THC Remediation
  • Solvent Recovery

  • Vacuum Ovens

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • Refinement Systems

  • C1D1 Rooms

  • Reactionary Vessels

  • Filtration

  • Temperature Control Units
  • Winterization

  • THC Remediation

  • Vacuum Ovens

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • C1D1 Rooms

  • Solvent Recovery

  • Reactionary Vessels

  • Filtration

  • Temperature Control Units

  • Refinement Systems

Precision® ancillary & post processing products

Precision® ancillary & post processing products

Precision L-SEP Room Temp Winterization

Room Temperature Winterization

Instantaneously winterize crude in less than 10 minutes

  • Suitable for hydrocarbon and CO2 crude extracts
  • 97%+ lipid removal
  • 97% process solvent recovery
  • Suitable for cannabis and hemp
  • Approx. $0.50 per liter
Precision Extraction T-SEP THC Remediation Process

THC/THC-a Remediation

Achieve THC-free CBD distillate without chromatography

  • For THC removal for CBD hemp oil
  • 99%+ THC/THC-a removal
  • 99% process solvent recovery
  • Approx. $3.50 per liter
Precision Extraction CRC Skid Chromatography and Color Remediation

CRC Skid
Chromatography & Remediation Column

For inline color remediation and chromatography in hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction

  • Removes wide range of potential contaminants found in extracts
  • Can be used for targeted isolation of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
  • Temperature rated to -40C
  • Equipped with two surge tanks
  • C1D1 compliant
Precision Extraction ASE 100 Solvent Evaporator

ASE 100
Solvent Evaporator

For ethanol & alcohol based solvent recovery

  • Up to 98.6% ethanol recovery
  • Continuous feed system
  • Proprietary design for optimal efficiency
  • Tablet and remote monitoring
  • C1D1 Compliant
Precision GC 5000 Gas Compressor

GC 5000
Gas Compressor

Hydrocarbon solvent recovery pump for butane and propane extractors

  • Recovery speeds from 1-5 lb per minute*
  • NEMA7 switch for easy install and operation
  • Oil-less piston and PTFE seals
  • Minimal maintenance
  • C1D1 Compliant
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CRS 2000
CryoMass Refinement System

Patent pending technology to harvest, dry and purify biomass from the cannabis and hemp plants

  • Solvent-free
  • Eliminates drying and trimming
  • Processes up to 1,300+ lbs per hour
  • Freezes the biomass to allow for years of storage
  • Reduces the volume going into the extraction process by 85-90%
  • Clean-in-place ready
  • EU GMP Compliant
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Precision RV 100 Reaction Vessel

RV 100
Multi-Use Reactionary Vessel

Suitable for crystallization, winterization and decarboxylation of marijuana and hemp extracts

  • 3-in-1 vessel for marijuana and hemp post processing
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Pneumatic tri-clamp mount stirrer
  • Compatible with multiple temperature control units (TCU)
  • 100L max fill volume
  • Large bottom opening for crystal removal
  • C1D1 Compliant
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Precision FP1 Filter Press

Filter Press

Post-winterization filtration of marijuana and hemp extracts

  • Up to 3,600L of filtering per 8 hours*
  • Scalable filtration plates
  • Food grade parts
  • Easy open/close of press
  • Air-driven hydraulic pump, no electricity required
  • C1D1 and GMP Compliant
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Precision MPS 5000 Multi Purpose Extraction Skid

MPS 5000
Multi-Purpose Extraction Skid

Multi-functional extraction, filtration, winterization and separation system.

  • Capable of 6 different processes
  • Extremely low operational cost
  • Electricity-free
  • Includes all required hoses, fittings, pumps & valves
  • Install and technical support included
  • Safe & easy-to-use
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Precision EXP Rooms

EXP Rooms
C1D1 Extraction Enclosures

Prefabbed, ready to assemble C1D1/C1D2 enclosures for primary extraction and post processing

  • 1 day installation
  • Different sizes available
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Engineer peer reviewed
  • No exposed cables or wires
  • Includes fittings and wiring for installation
  • For use in all regulated jurisdictions†
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Partnering With the Pros

Precision partners with a variety of industry leaders to provide our customers with the best turn-key solutions. We’re not about just making your life easier. We know using superior ancillary extraction equipment is a critical detail to making superior cannabis products. Our wide range of solutions will get you ramped up faster with the name and support you trust.

Reach out to speak with a rep regarding product offerings and pricing for third-party equipment solutions.

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Ancillary Extraction Equipment Partners
Drafting Compass

Lab Design & Facility Planning

Enlist the experts at Precision

Enlist the experts! We have on-staff architects and lab designers to take the guesswork out of a labyrinth of building codes, site planning, blue printing, fire safety compliance and workflow optimization. Known as Precision Development Group (PDG) these architects and engineers have designed hundreds of labs, and will help ensure your lab is up and running in record time.

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Drafting Compass

Lab Design & Facility Planning

Enlist the experts at Precision

Our on-staff lab designers and engineers are pros at getting a laboratory up in no time. Known as PDG (Precision Development Group), we guide your team through the labyrinth of site planning, building codes, blue printing, fire safety compliance and workflow optimization.

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Ancillary Extraction Equipment Support

Expert Technical Support

We speak cannabis – and answer our phones. Our technicians and customer service reps live for this industry and know the product and science like the back of their hand. We’re here to help your staff with any questions or technical support they need.

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