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Ancillary & Post-Processing Equipment – Made with Precision®

With the world’s best ancillary and post-processing extraction equipment, Precision® is the most trusted brand in extraction.

Precision® distillation with the CDU series of thin film evaporators!

With the CDU (Commercial Distillation Unit) series, you’re working with the pinnacle of hemp and cannabis distillation equipment. The automated capabilities, continuous operation and unique features of the CDU series exponentially increases the efficiency of the distillation process.

Crude oil is fed into the distillation column via an automatic dosing pump. The dosing pump is fully programmable based on the operator’s desired throughput. The crude oil is pumped into a column, where it is evenly distributed over the evaporative surface by several PTFE “rollers”. This thin film technique allows higher efficiency and lower temperatures to be utilized during the distillation process.

The CDU series maximizes the efficiency of cannabis and hemp distillation with no batch-size limitations and no flask swaps. Continuous operation with minimized downtime.

  • No batch size limitations

  • Scalable from 1 liter per hour to 75+ liters per hour
  • GMP, cGMP, and GPP compliance available
  • All units are UL conforming and marked
  • No swapping flasks
  • Continuous operation
  • Compliant in all regulated jurisdictions*

  • Installation and training included

CDU 1000

  • 400-1500mL per hour throughput
  • One light pass, single pass polish
  • Diffusion pump equipped vacuum system capable of .75 millitorr and lower
  • 38” (D) x 65” (W) footprint
  • 78” tall with an operational height of 96”
  • Dry weight: 435 kg (957 lbs)
  • 9kw total maximum heating capacity
  • Auto feed/auto extraction pumps
  • Evaporator surface: 4.8 dm2
  • Condenser surface: 6.5 dm2
  • Operation pressure: down to 0.001 mbar
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CDU 3000

  • 3000-6000mL per hour throughput
  • One light pass, single pass polish
  • Diffusion pump equipped vacuum system capable of .75 millitorr and lower
  • Single-stage processing

  • 38” (D) x 91” (W) footprint
  • 79” tall with an operational height of 96”
  • Dry weight: 589 kg (1,298 lbs)
  • 12kw total maximum heating capacity
  • Evaporator surface: 6.0 dm2
  • Condenser surface: 6.0 dm2
  • Operation pressure: down to 0.001 mbar
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  • Solvent evaporator and recovery system

  • Proprietary recovery method designed for high efficiency

  • 98.6% ethanol recovery

  • Highly durable construction – built to last

  • Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in USA

  • PLC controlled with tablet and remote monitoring capabilities

  • Professional engineer stamped and approved

  • Full human-machine interface with touch screen

Engineered for optimal efficiency and recovery rates of 98.6%, the ASE 100 is the solution to the myriad of solvent recovery issues!

The ASE 100’s proprietary recovery method provides optimal efficiency, with recovery rates of up to 100 liters per hour of ethanol recovery at 98.6% efficiency. The ASE 100 replaces the need for six or more rotary evaporators and multiple operators with one easy-to-use system, thereby greatly reducing overall operating expenses. The ASE 100 solvent recovery system is fully programmable via a PLC that is connected to a C1D1 approved tablet, all of which can be monitored remotely via a cloud connection.

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  • Up to 3,600 liters of filtering per 8 hours

  • Food grade stainless steel wetted parts

  • 1-2 cubic foot capacity

  • Air blown manifold piping for air drying filter cakes

  • Five 470mm leak-free Polypro gasketed filter plates

  • Scalable and expandable

  • Includes advanced spare parts kit

  • Minimal maintenance costs

  • For use in C1D1 laboratories

  • GMP compliant

FP1 Filter Press – The Solution for Post-Winterization Filtration

The Precision FP1 Filter Press is the ideal device for post-winterization filtration of miscella or crude, as well as fines filtration. Due to its direct process connection, the filter press can run continuously until its high solids capacity of 1-2 cubic feet is reached, while the five 2-3 micron filter plates the press is equipped with ensure the removal of solids is at its peak. Furthermore, the FP1 is expandable to 2 cubic feet and, with space to accommodate up to five more filter plates, can easily scale with any system.

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Cut your recovery time with the GC 5000 Gas Compressor!

Cut your recovery time with the GC 5000 Gas Compressor, the most powerful recovery solution for your hydrocarbon extractor. With oil-less pistons and PTFE seals, the GC 5000 is engineer peer reviewed and compliant in all regulated jurisdictions*.

  • Oil-less pistons and PTFE seals
  • Certified for use in Class 1, Division 1 environments

  • Compliant in all regulated jurisdictions*

  • UL listed

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Get your lab up and running in record time with the EXP1 Turn-Key Walk-In Enclosure!

With the EXP1 Turn-Key Walk-In Enclosure, your Class 1, Division 1 Room will be set up with ease and speed. The EXP1 enclosure can be set up in less than a day. The EXP1 can house two PX1 v2017 extraction systems, cutting down on setup costs and making your extraction lab the most efficient in the industry. The EXP1 enclosure is engineer peer reviewed, stamped and compliant for use in all regulated jurisdictions.*

  • 10’ x 14’ overall foot print
  • Engineer approved and stamped
  • OSHA workplace safety standards conforming
  • Compliant in all regulated jurisdictions*

  • Fans (which are dependent on unique facility design flow rates) and assembly are not included.
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Precision® supplies the World’s Best Extraction Equipment

From vacuum ovens, recovery pumps, wiped film evaporators, rotary evaporators, condensers and cold traps, homogenizers, air compressors, hot plate stirrers, columns, recovery bowls, hoses, seals, gaskets, filters and more, we have all you need to effective supply and efficiently run your extraction lab. Precision® is your one-stop-shop for all your primary and post-processing extraction needs.

Precision® is an authorized distributor for the world’s finest extraction equipment manufacturers including:

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Precision® has the equipment and know-how you need to succeed!

Professional extraction equipment, training and support... Made with Precision®
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