Filter Paper, Qualitative



    Our qualitative filter paper has an excellent flow rate and is an ideal choice for laboratory filtration.

    Filter Paper is an indispensable part of vacuum filtration. This porous paper allows liquids and solvents to pass through while catching particulate matter.

    Note: Filter Paper comes in a box of 100 pieces


    How does filter paper work in vacuum filtration?

    Filter paper is an essential part of vacuum filtration. Often used in conjunction with a Buchner Funnel, the paper either needs to be sized correctly or simply cut to match the shape of the vessel in which it will be placed.

    Believe it or not, filter paper can create a tight seal with the funnel below it, but only if it is moistened first.

    A common best practice is to moisten the paper with the same solvent that’s present in the solution you are trying to filter.

    Filter paper uses:

    As you might imagine, the tight-knit nature of the paper makes it ideal for filtering even very small particles. Its semi-permeable nature makes it extremely effective, and it can easily be discarded and replaced.

    Now you can collect precipitates or solids directly in the paper (or on top of it), effectively removing substances from the filtrate that passes through.




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