Flexible Setup, Ergonomic Design

The X40 MSE Multi-Solvent Extractor is Precision’s mid-size batch extraction system. Boasting great versatility and a compact size, the X40 is ideal for mid-level commercial production and craft applications of cannabis and hemp.

Precision X40 Multi Solvent Ethanol Extractor
asme and crn certified

C1D1 Compliant
Peer reviewed for all type 6 & Type 7 licenses

X40 MSE Cannabis Extractor

Suitable for
Cannabis & Hemp

Butane, Propane & Ethanol

Per Hour Processing

Butane or Propane Up to 36 lb
Ethanol 10-27 lb

Cycle time
55-85 minutes*

Up to 575 lb, per 8-hr shift

Isolate/Sauce, Distillate, Vape Pens, Shatter, Wax/Sugar, Tincture and Edibles

C1D1 Compliant
Peer reviewed for all type 6 & Type 7 licenses

asme and crn certified

Size: 184” L x 44”W x 83” H
Warranty: 1-Year

  • Flexible setup and ergonomically friendly design
  • Precise control over primary extraction
  • Approximately 100L, 30-36 lb average material capacity per batch
  • Removable material baskets for easy load/unload
  • 4 material vessels for easy nonstop operation
  • 1/2” PTFE/SS feed hosing (UL-21 compliant)
  • Viton/PTFE gaskets
  • AN compression fittings
  • Polished SS components
  • Baffled jacketing on collection vessel
  • Vacuum jacketing on solvent vessel with internal cooling coil
  • Expansion column designed for desiccant assisted moisture removal
  • N2 assisted extraction up to 200 PSI
  • ASME-U
  • NFPA 58 LPG
  • Class 1, Division 1 Compliant
  • Trans-fill approved per NFPA
  • Compliant in all regulated jurisdictions*
  • Engineer peer reviewed for all Type 6 & Type 7 licenses
  • CRN approved components
    • CRN registered in Ontario
      • Solvent Tank – R6907.5
      • Collection Tank – R6708.5
      • Material Column – 0H22678.5
      • Expansion Column – 0H22679.5
      • Manifold – 0H22629.5
    • The end user shall consult with their local regulatory authority prior to start-up to ensure local piping requirements of the installation are met.
    • Please inquire with our sales team as to the status of other pending province approvals.
  • Dimensions (approx.) 184″ L x 44″ W x 83″ H
  • Weight 2,150 lb
  • Shipping Weight 3,000 lb
  • MAWP 250 PSIG
  • Ethanol Used Per Batch 100L
  • Chiller Pairing Recommendations Huber Unistat 825, Julabo equivalent, or better
  • Warranty** One-Year
  • Non-volatile, EPR reviewed, closed loop, Type 6 process for licensed operations (when used with ethanol solvent)
  • Pressurized Cold Ethanol Extraction (PCEE) for superior full spectrum cannabinoid and terpene removal (up to 200 PSI)
  • Solvent recovery requirement of 100L per hour needed to keep up with the system
  • 95%+ cannabinoid and terpene removal
  • Up to 3 runs per solvent batch
  • Volatile, EPR reviewed, closed loop, Type 7 process for licensed operations (when used with hydrocarbon solvent)
  • Compatible with singular and mixed hydrocarbon solvents for
    superior extraction capability and product production
  • Approximate 45 minutes processing time per run (single material column)
  • Approximate 2 hours processing time per run (4 material columns)
  • Certified for Class 1, Division 1 environments
  • 97% cannabinoid and terpene removal
  • Customized hydrocarbon extraction for high end product production, e.g., HTFSE, THC-a crystalline and “Sauce”

Versatile & High Quality

Precision X40 Multi Solvent Extractor Tank Zoom

The X40 is a closed-loop system and comes packed with several convenient features, including a versatile ASME-grade collection tank, inline dewaxing, and our custom stainless steel material baskets to make loading and unloading a breeze.

It comes pre-plumbed for chillers and heaters and also includes a vacuum insulated dewaxing column with a submersible coil and variable filtration at the bottom.

X40 Extractor Tank and Gauge Close Up

Product Walkaround

Approx. 4.5 minutes

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