Multi-Solvent Cannabis Extraction Technology

The X10 MSE Multi-Solvent Extractor is Precision’s flagship extraction system. Boasting great versatility and a compact size, the X10 is ideal for mid-level commercial production and craft applications. The system comes equipped with a host of features including on-demand heating and chilling as well as an approximate cycle time of 55-85 minutes*, all to ensure maximum control and ease of operation.

Versatile & Efficient

Precision’s X10 MSE Multi-Solvent Extractor is the solution for quality extraction technology. With an ergonomic design, the X10 is perfect for small-scale and medium-scale production. This system comes packed with many convenient features, chief among them being its versatile ASME-grade collection tank that allows for use of butane, propane, and ethanol, making this system a constant companion in a dynamic market.

High Quality Extraction Technology

The X10 is a closed-loop system capable of up to three runs per solvent batch when utilizing ethanol as the primary extraction solvent. It comes pre-plumbed for chillers and heaters, and also includes our custom stainless steel material baskets to make loading and unloading a breeze. The system also includes a vacuum insulated dewaxing column with a submersible coil and variable filtration at the bottom.

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