Short Path Distillation

Short-path distillation is a cannabis refinement technique in which one separates various compounds via boiling and condensation, through the use of a vacuum pump. While distillation is a common technique, the addition of a vacuum in short-path distillation allows for the atmospheric pressure. The lowering of the pressure in the distillation pot means the boiling points of the desired compounds are lower, make it more efficient to distill heavier molecules. In tandem with the lower boiling point, short path distillation is also more efficient because it minimizes the distance the liquid has to travel through before condensing, thus allowing for a higher yield of retained materials.

Cannabis Distillate: The What, How & Why

Building Better Brands by Isolating THC and CBD How to make cannabis distillate Introduction: Cannabinoid distillate, why all the craze? Imagine if your favorite beer tasted and smelled different every time you drank it. Or the alcohol content was wildly different

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