Cannabis Terpene Extraction Explained: How to Extract and Isolate These Compounds

Cannabis Terpene Extraction

The founder of Precision Extraction Solutions, Nick Tennant, discusses cannabis terpenes – the naturally occurring compound responsible for producing scents in cannabis plants. Check out the video above to learn more about what terpenes are, where they can be found, how they are beneficial, and how Precision Extraction Solutions has developed a cutting-edge process for…

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CBD Extraction Methods: Which is Best?

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CBD Extraction is the process of isolating and extracting Cannabidiol from the base cannabis plant material, using some form of solvent, such as hydrocarbon or ethanol– these solvents attach to the desired compound, allowing the unnecessary plant material to be washed away. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is increasingly accessible to all…

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Understanding the CBD Extraction Process

It’s true: CBD health and wellness phenomenon continues to boom. The market is doubling every year. CBD’s mood-regulating and anti-inflammatory properties finally reach beyond the dispensary and vape shop. Skincare products, bath oils, beverages galore… To get CBD in all of these, of course, requires extraction. But what does the extraction process look like? It’s an…

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CO2 vs Solvent-Based Extraction: The Key to Cannabis Chemistry


The cannabis plant can be compared to a lock, hiding its true treasure—its cannabinoid and terpene content—behind its plant matter. The bulk of these compounds, whether it’s THC, CBD, alpha-pinene or beta-caryophyllene, among others, are found in the resin gland heads. Also known as trichomes, these mushroom-shaped structures can be found on the flowers or…

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Precision Extraction Solutions Announces Strategic Investment from Rivers Innovations


Extraction Technology Leader Becomes Cornerstone Partner of New U.S.-Focused Cannabis Platform DETROIT, March 6, 2019 — Precision Extraction Corporation (DBA Precision Extraction Solutions, “Precision” or “the Company”), a market leader in cannabis and hemp extraction technology, is pleased to announce it has received a significant capital investment from Rivers Innovations Inc. (“Rivers Innovations”), a private…

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Precision is Breaking Ground on Europe’s Largest Hemp Extraction Facility


Precision Extraction Solutions Named Exclusive Equipment Supplier of Canapar S.r.L. DETROIT, MI USA, February 12, 2019 – Precision Extraction Solutions (“Precision”), a market leader in cannabis and hemp extraction technology, has been named the exclusive equipment supplier of Canapar S.r.L. (“Canapar”) for the development and outfitting of its flagship extraction facility in Sicily, Italy. On the…

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MPX Enters Into Extraction Agreement With Southern California’s Largest Cannabis Processing Facility, Case Farms Collective


Relationship will provide a full scale operation of services to MPX’s proprietary specifications and guidelines, establishing the Company’s footprint in California TORONTO, July 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MPX Bioceutical Corporation (“MPX” or the “Company”) (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF) today announced an agreement with Case Farms Collective (“Case Farms”), the largest cannabis processing facility in Southern California. Case…

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Pros & Cons of Ethanol Extraction

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Not All Solvents Are Created Equal In a maturing extraction industry, many companies have released new technologies promising to be the “next best thing”. What you probably won’t find alongside these tall tales of massive throughput is the story of the science, and why each method has its limitations and benefits. In this article, we…

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Making the Sauce: High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction (HTFSE)


  What is HTFSE and the Sauce? The “Sauce” is the industry terminology used to describe the combination of highly concentrated THCa and terpenes unique to the specific variety of cannabis the concentrate was extracted from. Also known as “high terpene extraction or “high terpene full spectrum extraction” (HTFSE), it is one of the purest…

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Cannabis Distillate: What it is & How to Make it

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Building Better Brands by Isolating THC and CBD Making Cannabis Distillate, Why All the Craze? Imagine if your favorite beer tasted and smelled different every time you drank it. Or the alcohol content was wildly different with every batch. Faced with such unpredictability, it wouldn’t be your favorite brand for long. Product consistency is fundamental…

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