The Differences Between Concentrates and Distillate

Differences Between Concentrates and Distillates|||

Cannabis comes in many forms, from oils and extracts to concentrates and distillate. Both medical users and connoisseurs can consume their THC or CBD in a wide range of products like baked goods, candies, gummies, vape cartridges, shatter, and wax, among others. The THC and CBD that goes into these products get separated from the…

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CBD Oil Health Benefits

CBD Oil Benefits|cbd oil health benefits||||||||

CBD oil has many health benefits — from reducing pain and inflammation to relieving anxiety and cancer-related symptoms. This powerful oil, derived from the hemp plant, has long been used to treat a variety of symptoms. While many of these benefits are anecdotal and haven’t been approved by the FDA to treat these conditions, CBD…

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Removing Residual Solvents

Solventless vs Hydrocarbon Removing Solvent From Extracts||

Removing Residual Solvents in Solventless vs Hydrocarbon The terms residual solvent and residual solvent analysis get thrown around pretty regularly in the extraction industry. Today, we’re going to break down what this means, how it affects your extracts and end products and how legislators are regulating residual solvent analysis. Methods of Extraction Solventless vs Solvents…

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Contaminant Remediation in Hydrocarbon Extraction

Pesticide Remediation Extracts||

There are several forms of potential contamination that can render an otherwise great output product into something deemed “low quality” or even unsellable. With a little ingenuity and understanding of what exactly we are trying to remove from our hydrocarbon extracts, we can easily create a high-quality end product. With the use of inline contaminant…

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How to Make CBD Isolate

How To Make CBD Isolate|decarb cbd isolate|how to make cbd isolate||||||||||

CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD, often in the form of a white powder that can be mixed into drinks or taken sublingually. This option is often popular among people who are just beginning to explore the use of cannabis or hemp derived products or looking to avoid the euphoric high associated with THC. It…

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What is the Decarboxylation Process of Cannabis?

Cannabis Decarboxylation Process|cannabis decarboxylation process diagram|Cannabis Decarboxylation Chemical Reaction||||||

In the CBD extraction process, there are numerous steps to achieving an end product, one of which is decarboxylation. Many people think of decarboxylation only in terms of THC content, but it is a critical step to achieve optimal CBD content as well. Decarboxylation is a main step needed in the pre-process before distillation of…

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What is the Winterization Process in Cannabis Extraction?

what is winterization process|cannabis winterization process|cannabis winterization diagram|cannabis extract filtration diagram|rv100|Precision's Cannabis Filter Press Install & Training|winterization process in cannabis||||||||||

When you’re extracting cannabis and hemp, one of the main steps in the process is called winterization. Winterization of oil is necessary to create a refined, pure end product, no matter what kind of output you’re looking to achieve. Cannabis and hemp have a lot of compounds within the plant—such as plant waxes, fats, lipids,…

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Cannabis Terpene Extraction Explained: How to Extract and Isolate These Compounds

Cannabis Terpene Extraction

The founder of Precision Extraction Solutions, Nick Tennant, discusses cannabis terpenes – the naturally occurring compound responsible for producing scents in cannabis plants. Check out the video above to learn more about what terpenes are, where they can be found, how they are beneficial, and how Precision Extraction Solutions has developed a cutting-edge process for…

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CBD Extraction Methods: Which is Best?

CBD Extraction|Hydrocarbon Extraction Process Diagram2|Hydrocarbon Extraction Process Diagram|||

CBD Extraction is the process of isolating and extracting Cannabidiol from the base cannabis plant material, using some form of solvent, such as hydrocarbon or ethanol– these solvents attach to the desired compound, allowing the unnecessary plant material to be washed away. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is increasingly accessible to all…

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