Cannabis Distillate

Distillates are refined cannabis extracts, which have been processed to separate out cannabinoids (THC and CBD) into precise amounts. In order to isolate the compounds found in marijuana, multiple layers of refinement must occur. Distillation is the final process in the refinement of cannabis extraction – distillation uses vacuum pressure, steam, and heat, to manipulate boiling points so that compounds are subjected to much cooler temperatures when they pass through. Through this process, volatile compounds are separated by their weight and boiling point, leaving less volatile and undesirable compounds behind. An extract can even be passed through the distillation process multiple times in order to create an increasingly pure substance.

Cannabis Distillate: The What, How & Why

Building Better Brands by Isolating THC and CBD How to make cannabis distillate Introduction: Cannabinoid distillate, why all the craze? Imagine if your favorite beer tasted and smelled different every time you drank it. Or the alcohol content was wildly different

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