Building an Extraction Lab

Building a cannabis extraction lab involves managing a number of complicated tasks, such as compliance, efficiency, scale, and training. It’s important to ensure a safe working environment in the production of cannabis concentrates by following stringent safety standards and regulatory requirements. Learn more about how to operate a safe, compliant, and efficient extraction lab with these blog posts.

Understanding & Maximizing Production Capacity

Input Material & Operator Experience One of the most common questions that we’re asked at Precision® is, “How much material will my lab be able to process per shift?” While the question may seem simple on the surface, the answer is much more complicated

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How to Start an Extraction Business…

10 Steps to Startup Success The cannabis extraction business is hot. More than 50% of today's legal marijuana sales are concentrates and infused products, and extracts constitute the fastest growing segment of the marketplace. With that kind of demand, you can bet that entrepreneurs, investors,

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