How Ovens Are Used in Hydrocarbon Post-Processing

Vacuum purge for BHO? A vacuum purge oven doesn’t garner much attention, yet without it, there would be no hydrocarbon cannabis extracts (like BHO). Vacuum purging removes undesirable materials, like residual solvents and moisture, from the cannabis concentrate while also developing the final consistency and texture of each batch. Unbeknownst to many consumers, a vacuum…

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Cannabis Extraction Equipment 101

Extraction System Installation and Training||||

What is Cannabis Extraction Equipment? Before investing in cannabis or hemp oil extraction equipment, make sure you know the answers to all of the critical questions. We’ve covered several of those questions here, from preparing a business plan and determining what type of equipment is available, to understanding your local regulations and working with a…

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Color Remediation in BHO Extraction

Color Remediation BHO Extraction||||

The BHO extraction process, which is effective in producing a good extract, can sometimes contain unwanted constituents that affect the final color and taste of the hemp or marijuana extract. The solution? Color remediation. Through the color remediation process, the final extract achieved will be purer and have a more appealing color and taste, resulting…

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