BHO Extraction

Otherwise known as butane hash oil extraction, BHO extraction is a popular form of hydrocarbon extraction used to create a cannabis concentrate. Effective BHO extraction is a complex, multi-stage process, which uses a closed-loop extraction machine, and the final cannabis oil-based product can come in different forms. Among the many extraction methods popular among cannabis extract producers, BHO extraction remains popular because of its low-cost and overall efficiency. BHO extraction usually results in a soft wax, which can the be further refined into a hard material called shatter.

Blast-proofing: Cannabis extractors face increasing regulations

By Nick Tennant (as featured in Marijuana Venture Magazine, October 15, 2015) When industries thrive, business gets regulated. Depending on where you operate or plan to operate your extraction business, regulation is either here or it’s on the way. Until recently, the light hydrocarbon extraction industry has

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