T-SEP Model 7LPH

THC Remediation Equipment

THC Remediation Equipment

99% THC/THC-A Free Distillate

The T-SEP (THC separation) process is the world’s most efficient, scalable, and cost-effective solution to produce THC-free CBD Hemp oil. Achieving 99% THC-A/THC-free distillate at a fraction of the cost of flash chromatography media.

Equipment Included

3 qty – 100L Reactor (ACE Glass)

  • Includes mixer

3 qty – Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump
3 qty – Glass Holding Vessels
3-Way Ball Valves


*Single source biomass required. Multiple source biomass solution coming soon.


Instrumental grade solvents


99%+ THC/THC-a removal
99%+ process solvent recovery

Cycle Time

60 minutes

Per Hour

Up to 7L of crude oil remediation in standard configuration

Operational Cost

Approx. $3.50 per liter


PSI Peer-Reviewed in All 50 States

Dimensions (approx.)

120” L x 32” W x 49” H

  • Extremely low operational cost (approx. $3.50 per liter)
  • Up to 7L per hour of crude oil remediation in standard configuration*
  • Installation, equipment, license, and support included in package price
  • No cross-contamination of THC/THC-a into output stream
  • 120” L x 32” W x 49” H
  • Weight – 1,450 lb
  • Interior Finish Spec – Glass
  • Vessel Sizes – 3QTY 100L
  • Maximum working volume is 9.8 FT3 (284 liters)
  • 3 days for installation and training
  • PSI Peer-Reviewed in All 50 States

Not sure what this means? We have a Compliance 101 article if you’re new to the industry or you can contact us directly.

THC Remediation For Hemp Extracts

THC Remediation Equipment

Does the upfront and operational cost make traditional chromatography a cost prohibitive option for THC remediation equipment? We have you covered with our T-SEP Separation Process. The T-SEP process comes with state-of-the-art remediation equipment. The standardized size of 3x100L vessels includes all necessary operational hardware, installation and hands-on training for your team.

THC Remediation Equipment

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THC Free


Solvent Recovery


Per Liter

Award Winning Extracts

Our extraction systems produce more award-winning concentrates than any other brand. Why? Because we refuse to sacrifice our standards. High-quality CBD oil requires high-quality extraction and THC remediation.

THC Free Oil
THC Remediation Article

What is THC Remediation?

Our technicians explain what THC remediation is and how the T-SEP process is different from the traditional method of chromatography for THC removal.

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