Powerful. Expandable. Performance.

The PX5’s unique passive recovery design offers immediate economic benefits to cannabis operators of any size. The optimized extraction path reduces batch times driving increased daily production up to 33%. By eliminating the need for a dedicated pump, the PX5 saves up to 40% annually in energy costs over comparable traditional systems while simultaneously eliminating the maintenance and replacement expense normally associated with system pumps. Designed for rapid material changeover, the PX5 enables operators to increase hourly extract production by 200% and with specialized training available from Agrify Extraction, operators can realize up to a 300% increase.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment Precision XMU
PSI Certified

C1D1 Compliant & Designed for GMP integration
PSI Certified – 50 State Compliant –

NFPA 1 & IFC Compliant

Nationwide CRN Approved: 0H24080.5C