Large-Scale Commercial Cannabis Extraction

The PX30 can run a 30 lb batch in less than 1 hour to meet the needs of the highest levels of commercial production. The largest in the PX Series, it is designed for passive solvent recovery to shorten processing and solvent recovery times, eliminating the need for a C1D1-rated compressor. The PX saves on maintenance, replacement parts, and downtime by doing so. The fully expanded design allows for control over the creation of isolate/sauce, distillate, vape pens, shatter, wax/sugar, tincture, and edibles. It includes two inline Color Remediation Columns to remove color contaminates from the end product, saving users from purchasing what is traditionally separate ancillary equipment. With massive solvent volume, the PX30 needs to be refilled less often, saving time without compromising throughput capacity. The linear design makes it easy to operate, easy to clean, and saves precious space in your C1D1 extraction environment.

Cannabis Extraction Equipment Precision XMU
PSI Certified

C1D1 Compliant & Designed for GMP integration

Designed to meet 3A sanitary standards

PSI Certified – 50 State Compliant –

NFPA 1 & IFC Compliant

PX30 Hydrocarbon
Cannabis Extraction E