Economical & Highly Effective

The small footprint of the PX1 is perfect for proving your concept and scaling up. We’ve completed hundreds of successful installations and had proven results with this economical cannabis extractor and it’s fast recovery times.

Precision PX1 Hydrocarbon Extractor
asme cert

Engineered peer reviewed

PX1 Hydrocarbon Cannabis Extractor

Suitable for
Cannabis & Hemp

Butane & Propane

Per Hour Processing
3-5 lb

Cycle time
30-45 minutes*

Up to 40 lb, per 8-hr shift

Isolate/Sauce, Distillate, Vape Pens, Shatter, Wax/Sugar, Tincture and Edibles

Engineer peer reviewed

asme cert

Size: 51” L x 46”W x 93” H
Warranty: 1-Year

  • Economical hydrocarbon solution for cannabis extraction
  • Small footprint, big results
  • Precise control over primary extraction
  • Approximately 11L, 5 lb average material capacity per batch
  • Rack mounted, easy load/unload material columns
  • LPG rated valve systems (3/8″)
  • 1/2” PTFE/SS feed hosing (UL-21 compliant)
  • Viton/PTFE gaskets
  • Stackable and variable filtering
  • Inline dewaxing
  • Vacuum jacket insulated solvent/dewax vessels
  • Nitrogen/argon assist ready
  • Patent pending vessel temperature control systems
  • Ultra efficient internal temperature coil mechanisms
  • Pre-plumbed for chillers and heaters
  • CD-BC12 recirculating heat bath (see cut sheet)
  • FP50-HE recirculating chiller (see cut cheet)
  • 100% ASME stamped and rated vessels
  • ASME certified clamps (6″+)
  • ASME certified PRVs (pressure relief valve)
  • Third party engineer report
  • Pressure test report
  • Build report
  • Serial number
  • Dimensions (approx.) 51″ L x 46″ W x 93″ H
  • Weight 346 lb
  • Shipping Weight 700 lb
  • MAWP 250 PSIG
  • Chiller Pairing Recommendations: Julabo FP-50, Huber Equivalent, or better (Crude)
  • Chiller Pairing Recommendations: Julabo FP-89, Huber Equivalent, or better (Shatter, Wax, Live Resin, etc)
  • Optional chiller upgrades available to FP89-HL
  • Warranty** One-Year

Precise & Efficient

Precision PX1 Hydrocarbon Extraction Tank Zoom

The PX1 cannabis extractor comes packed with several convenient features, chief among them being pre-plumbed for chillers and heaters, and is rack mounted to make loading and unloading material columns a breeze.

This system is a great addition to labs looking to add a craft concentrate line to their product offering.

Precision PX1 Hydrocarbon Extractor Zoom Detail

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Our extraction systems produce more award-winning concentrates than any other brand. Why? Because we refuse to sacrifice our standards. High-quality products require high-quality extraction.

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We utilize our design, engineering, compliance and manufacturing expertise to ensure that all of our solutions are reliable, high-quality, and refined. Precision was founded on quality, built on service, and measured on results.

Chillers We Recommend

Chillers We Recommend

Julabo Chillers
Huber Chillers
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Acquiring extraction equipment is likely one of the most substantial and important capital investments you will make for your business. Our financing programs make the acquisition fast, easy, and economical. Whether you need to expand your current capacity or replace outdated equipment, Precision has a financing solution for you.

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