Slotted Structured Glass Packing



This custom-made structured glass packing (made of borosilicate glass) is specially designed for maximum absorption. 

Slotted structured packing tube allows for maximum column flow rate while adding a significantly larger surface area for further fractionation of vapors. 

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A brand new design and approach.

The slots create “half-moon” liquid-to-vapor interfaces along the surfaces of the tube. Each slit behaves like a resting point, and each resting point allows compounds of different boiling points to re-condense on the slits. This process continues upwards through the packed column. The structured column offers increased liquid flow up through the column (as opposed to randomized packing) and it is both easy to use and clean. 

70mm x 15 mm slotted was designed for the PDH-1A heads.

This custom packing was designed for Lab Society’s PDH-1A heads, but it can also be used in the LS-PDH-1, LS-PDH-2, and packable heads if desired.

Note: We wrote an in-depth guide to distilling column packing, in which we break down all of the different options, their benefits, and uses!




  • Increased slotting for more surface area than ever before.
  • Increased efficiency
  • No packing retention cutouts
  • And no reduced flow rate!




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