Discharge Pump Kit for Short Path Distillation

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This Discharge Pump Kit for benchtop short path kits is designed to be paired with your existing  G3/G3X short path distillation system.

The perfect solution for continuous output, this kit makes it easier than ever to collect different fractions from your benchtop short path – you no longer have to stop the system to swap receiving flasks. It also eliminates the need for swinging receiving flasks downward or turning receiving flasks during operation.

The Discharge Pump Kit (DPK) is designed to be paired with G3 or G3X short path distillation systems. The DPK upgrades the system for continuous output of the heads, main body distillate, and tails fractions from the short path system.

This improves the overall discharge speed of the system and makes it easier to collect fractions, as you do not have to stop the system to swap or adjust receiving flasks.

The DPK employs a gear pump to discharge distillate out of the short path system. The gear pump has a heated head with temperature control to maintain flowability, as well as a motor controller to control the flow rate of the pump.  The included distribution adapter with ball joint serves as a small sight glass prior to entry into the gear pumps.


  • Temperature controller gear pump
  • Independent motor speed controller with flow rate calculation
  • Heated gear head with temperature control for viscous fluids
  • Single Distribution Adapter with 29/42 top outer joint, 35/20 inner bottom ball joint w/ o-ring, and 29/42 inner side-arm
  • Pinch clamp for secure connection to gear pump



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