Universal Silicone Stopper



Thanks to their inverted, conical shape, our original silicone stoppers function as virtually universal filter adapters. 

As you can see in the images, regardless of what size glassware you are trying to fill, these highly durable, blue-colored silicone stoppers are exactly what you need to create a tight seal and withstand the pressures of a vacuum system.


Two sizes of highly durable silicone.

We carry two sizes, small and large, to tackle the great majority of any laboratory tasks you might have. Between them both, they support an incredibly wide range of glass and plastic containers – including many of the most common sizes and styles of laboratory glassware.

Barbed fittings included.

On the top, we’ve included a 1/2″ barbed fitting for easily and snugly attaching vacuum hoses, tubing, or other connectors.

Perfect for fast-paced labs.

We understand that in the fast-paced environments of busy laboratories, you don’t always have time to search for the perfect-sized stopper. Save time with your filtration processes by eliminating the need for multiple filter adapters – simply plug these silicone stoppers right in, and focus on more important tasks at hand.

Compatible with our vacuum pumps.

These adapters are best used with one of our vacuum pumps and a duran style filter flask to speed up the filtration process and increase efficiency.





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Do not push stoppers into glass openings with excessive force. Breakage and injury can occur.



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