Pressure Control Monitor



Our brand new Pressure Control Monitor lets you take control of the vacuum pressure in your lab.

You’ll get more consistent, more repeatable runs with this versatile new product.

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Large LED screens.

With its easy-to-read screen and rod attachment, you can quickly set up and monitor the vacuum pressures of your system via its dual-screen display.

Reduce stress on your vacuum pumps.

Now you can use our Pressure Control Monitor instead of manually turning on and off your vacuum pump. This will reduce the wear-and-tear on your pump, helping you extend its lifespan.

Set and forget.

You can control your vacuum pressure without ever turning off your vacuum, freeing you up to do more in your lab. It’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Connections on the back reduce clutter.

Not only that, but the controller has four connections on the back of the unit:

  • Power,
  • Micro USB,
  • Vacuum in,
  • System to be regulated.
  • 1 – 775 Torr

These ports (or connections) help you reduce clutter and tangled wires by porting tubing or wires from the back of the monitor directly to the system.

Comes with Micro USB.

The Micro USB port allows you to connect your controller directly to a computer. You set parameters or run a saved, pre-recorded preset. This higher level of computer automation dramatically increases efficiency, saving you time and money.

Now there’s one more aspect of your system that you can regulate and precisely control.

CE compliant.

All of our Pressure Control Monitors are CE compliant, and they are tolerant of harsh solvents. We strive to create only quality products that will stand the test of time in your lab. As with all of the products we manufacture, our pressure control monitors are covered under warranty.

*Note: This controller displays units in Torr.


  • Directly control and regulate vacuum pull
  • Large LED screens
  • Micro USB
  • Reduces stress on your vacuum pumps
  • More consistent, repeatable runs



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