Thermocouple Adapter – Pinched



The new Pinched Thermocouple Adapter from solves the problem of stuck thermocouple adapters in the top of your distillation head.


Our Pinched Thermocouple Adapters expand on our original Thermocouple Adapter design by adding a pinched upper section for easier grip and removal.

They also include a fixed lower section to keep your thermocouples centered and properly supported. An added bonus is that they also reduce the drip-back caused by condensation.

Each Pinched Thermocouple Adapter also has a #4 Chem-Thread and Viton® O-ring to ensure a long lifespan and deep vacuum capability.

These thermocouple adapters are available in three different joint sizes and should be paired with a 1/8th-inch diameter thermocouple, which should be used in conjunction with a temperature monitor or temperature controller.