Packable Distillation Head



Each custom-made distillation head we offer is packable, so you can pack materials right into the head of the unit

Different types of packing (such as our structured packing and random packing) can be placed into all of our packable distillation heads.

* These products are an integral part of our short path distillation kits and solutions.


All of our original laboratory glassware is made in the USA from the highest quality borosilicate glass.

Distillation packing for every lab.

The ability to use different kinds of packing (and in varying amounts) means that you can customize your distillation head to best fit your specific needs

Continuous gas/liquid phase.

These pieces of custom glassware allow the gas-liquid phase to remain continuous, as opposed to occurring in stages as it would in a plate column.

Despite this clear advantage, the actual performance of a packed column is heavily dependent on factors like how well you maintain the proper distribution of gas/liquid throughout the packed bed.

How does a distillation head work?

When heated below, vapors rise up through the head, and as they cool, they condense on the materials placed inside the head.

The greater surface area afforded by packing inside gives these vapors a greater chance to condense effectively. Once they’ve condensed, they can exit the other side of the glass, settling in liquid form in a receiving flask as a finished, distilled product.

These are extremely useful for separating mixtures or solutions (for example in solvent recovery) before crystallization or further post-processing of distillate. We also carry non-packable varieties, in silvered and jacketed versions as well.

Note: When using Raschig Rings, pay attention to the diameter of the packing and of the distillation head, as not all sizes will fit with each other. Contact us if you are unsure about which sizes and products are compatible.


  • American-made, borosilicate glass
  • Customize your distillation head to fit your needs
  • Continuous gas/liquid phase
  • Determine your optimal surface area



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