Stainless Steel Lab Jack



    Often overlooked, Lab Jacks provide much-needed support in a laboratory that makes heavy use of glassware.

    A lab jack can be placed underneath glassware, and its height is adjustable with the easy turn of a knob to avoid undue stress on your glass joints.


    Smooth, precise adjustments.

    The height automatically stays in place when you’ve adjusted the diameter knob, making fine adjustments a breeze. The knobs are smooth to turn and precise to control.

    Rather than have metal-on-glass contact, we strongly advise using your lab jack with a lab pad. Not only will this protect the glassware against breakage, but it will also keep your glass more firmly in place during your runs.

    Easy to clean and reliable.

    The device’s easy-to-clean, flat platform will keep your important equipment in place. Scissor jacks can be used in just about every laboratory.


    • Support for hotplates, flasks, baths, magnetic stirrers, and any other objects that need precision in height
    • To stabilize sensitive objects
    • Suitable for benchtop glassware or equipment
    • Lightweight, small form-factor
    • Securely elevate and support lab objects



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