Huber KISS Circulator



The KISS K6 Circulator (cooling bath thermostat) has an insulated cooling bath and is well-suited for the thermoregulation of objects placed within the bath.

Designed for applications such as temperature control sampling, material testing analyses, and more, KISS Circulators are versatile machines.


The environmentally friendly choice.

Huber’s chilling fluid for this circulator is made of natural refrigerants, which means that this product is an environmentally friendly solution when compared to more wasteful competitors.

Automatic refrigeration adjustment.

The baths of each unit feature automatic refrigeration adjustment, which reduces energy consumption while keeping waste heat down.

Safety built right in.

Low-level protection prevents overheating and fulfills the requirements set forth by safety class III/FL.

The KISS Circulators can also be used for externally-attached applications (via the pump connections) located in the rear of the circulator. The KISS controller is easily operated and is perfect for continuous and semi-continuous processes.


  • KISS temperature controller
  • Bright, large OLED display
  • Simple operation with menu navigation
  • Simultaneous display of setpoint, Tmin, Tmax and actual temperature
  • Status displays for pump, cooling and heating
  • Overtemperature and low level protection
  • Safety class III/FL (DIN 12876)
  • USB and RS232 interfaces
  • Autostart function for power failure


General & Temperature Control

Temperature range -25…200 °C
Temperature stability ±0,05 K
Temperature display OLED Display
Alarm message optic, acoustic
Controller KISS 
Safety class III / FL
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (W x D x H) 210 x 400 x 546 mm
Weight, net 25 kg

Heating / Cooling Capacity

Heating capacity 1,5 kW
Refrigeration machine air-cooled, natural refrigerant
Refrigerant 1st stage R290 (A3, H220)
Refrigerant quantity 1st stage 0,047 kg


Interface digital USB (Device), RS232 Interface

Operating Data

Permissible ambient temperature 5…40 °C
Bath opening WxD/BD 140 x 120 / 150
Bath volume 4,5 l
Filling volume min. 2 l
Power supply 110-120V 1~ 50/60Hz
Current consumption max. 15 + 3,2 A



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