Heating Mantle System, Stirring Heated Bottom



Our CSA-certified heating mantle systems will fit a wide array of glassware (depending on size ordered), and are designed for round bottom glassware to fit snuggly inside.

A heating mantle system that fits securely against the flasks that they are heating creates a larger surface area, which expedites the heating process and creates a more even distribution of heat.


A snug, gentle fit.

Our custom mantles are lined with a fabric interior, which cushions valuable glassware and prevents thermal shock or hot spots from forming on the glass. A more even distribution of heat offers the added bonus of increased protection for your valuable glassware.

Our heating mantle system is CSA certified.

All of our mantles are CSA certified, and they also come in 115V models. This series mantle is only the bottom portion of the mantle. We recommend that you purchase a top mantle in conjunction with this unit, to create the most evenly heated surface possible. The more even the heat, the faster and more efficient the unit operates. Greater efficiency means greater productivity and more money for your lab.

Please be advised that all of our heating mantle systems (top, bottom, and stir controllers) will require the use of a separate temperature controller.




  • Reduced heat-up time
  • Stirring, heated bottom
  • Fabric-lined interior
  • CSA Certified
  • Lab Society Warranty



Warranty Information

We made sure that these American-manufactured heating mantle systems adhere to the strictest standards of quality, and we back each system with a one year warranty.



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