Glass Stirring Rod



    A glass stirring rod is used to stir or mix solutions. One of their main uses is to “scratch” the side of glassware (such as an Erlenmeyer Flask) to start the crystallization process in many experiments.

    You can also use glass stir rods to break apart drying product (or crystals) and evenly spread out the product so it can dry faster. Stirring rods are also useful for breaking up an emulsion during an extraction.

    All of the glass stirring rods we sell are borosilicate glass/Pyrex, making them excellent for thermal resistance. They also have a reduced chance of breakage due to thermal stress, which is a vitally important attribute!


    The last thing you want in your lab is glass shards everywhere!

    Glass rods can be easily cleaned by swirling the used part around in a solvent, wiping them clean and letting them dry.

    Note: You should take care when putting glass rods under excessive pressure or stress, as they can chip or break if you’re not careful. To avoid injury in your lab, always observe lab safety best practices.




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