Digital Temperature Monitor



Our new Digital Temperature Monitor was designed and built from the ground up, allowing you to accurately assess and record vapor temperatures.

We listened to our customers, and we’ve incorporated the most important changes you asked for while adding a few nice surprises of our own.


Digital Temperature Monitor

Compatible with EliteLab.

PID controller.

This unit has the ability to digitally monitor temperatures via a PID controller and thermocouple probe. We currently produce two versions of the Digital Temperature Monitor: a single-K type input, and a double-K type input.

In fractional distillation, the importance of monitoring temperature can’t be overstated – temperature is a critical factor regarding the fraction being collected. So having state-of-the-art monitoring equipment is absolutely essential for any serious laboratory.

Stay in control of your fractions.

Without an accurate digital vapor temperature monitor, you can easily lose control over your fractionating process, leading to unwanted impurities in your fractions. Impurities reduce yield and quality, costing you money and time.

Sleek, easy, and cable-hidden.

After analyzing how alternatives performed in real-world labs, we made the choice to design this custom unit with rear-facing inputs, for a sleek, easy, and cable-hidden design.

USB-B interface.

We’ve included a USB-B Interface for easy data logging in your computer. We’re huge believers in collecting and analyzing meaningful data in the lab, so we made sure you could record crucial data runs and store/reuse the data for future analysis and runs.

Great quality is more than a price tag.

We understand that top-notch equipment can be expensive, so our mission is to offer you the highest-grade equipment at the best possible price. Ultimately, better equipment leads to better yields and efficiency, and as the saying goes – you get what you pay for!

Having trouble deciding on the best digital temperature monitor setup for your lab? Give our team a call today.

Note: These units only accept K-Type thermocouples, and requires a coiled extension cord to connect the probe to the monitor.


  • PID Monitor
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Optimal monitoring for the fractions you need
  • Sleek, easy, cable-hidden design
  • USB-B interface



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