Digital Stir Controller



The Digital Stirring Controller lets you connect and control the magnetic stirrer motor mounted on the bottom of our heating mantles. This allows you to have direct control over the RPM of the magnetic stir bar inside the boiling flask.


More control than ever.

The front of the unit has an on/off switch and an analog knob with a range of 0-100% as well as a digital display which shows the RPM of the magnet inside the heating mantle.The magnetic stir bar is spun via this integrated controller, allowing you to regulate the input voltage of the resistive devices it is connected to through adjustments to the knob.The magnetic stir bar will be operational after the correct connections are achieved.This means that you are able to set the unit to the desired speed, being careful to ensure that the magnet does not start to spin out of control.We wanted to make sure that you could fine-tune this system to achieve exactly the right setting for your needs in any given situation.

Control your vapor pressure.

The adjustability of the spinning mechanism of this analog stirring controller allows you to have greater control over your vapor pressure, which proves to be very useful in real-world laboratory situations.

The custom digital stir controller lets you slow down the stir bar and reduce the overall vapor pressure in the system as you see fit.

Made in the USA.

Made right here in the USA, these units operate at 120 Volts.

We’ve gone out of our way to make sure that every component was sourced and produced with the highest-grade internals on the market.

We systematically reject any opportunity to “go cheap”, and always make sure that we can stand behind each and every component in our original products.

In the end, we know that these products need to get the job done in your lab, and anything less would simply be a waste of time.




  • Analog control knob
  • Digital RPM readout
  • Regulates the speed of magnetic stir bars
  • Helps you control vapor pressure
  • 24 Vdc input. Level 4, UL/CSA power supply.
  • Power supply approvals: UL/CUL/TUV/CB/CE/FCC/EN/EAC/CCC
  • For use with custom 24 Vdc stir motor on heating mantles
  • Made in the USA

  • CE, Constructed with 100% UL and CSA listed parts.

Our digital stirring controller is backed by world-class technical support and warranty.

We support our customers long after the initial purchase has been made.



digital stir controller is meant to work with bottom heating mantles, which have a stir bar motor attached to the bottom of the mantle.