Color Remediation Column (CRC) & Chromatography Skid

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Convenient inline remediation of cannabis and hemp extracts.

The CRC Skid is an inline color remediation column and chromatography system designed to remove a wide range of potential contaminants found in extracts, including heavy metals, pesticides, and other undesirables.

This inline skid was designed to be paired with virtually any primary cannabis extraction equipment.

Versatile & Superior Engineering

The CRC Skid can be used for targeted isolation and remediation of specific compounds such as color, chlorophyll, pesticides, etc

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  • Removes a wide range of potential contaminants found in extracts including heavy metals, pesticides, and other undesirables
  • Can be used for color remediation in hydrocarbon extracted products
  • Liquid jacketed vessels to maintain process temperature & vacuum 
  • Easy fluid transfer via nitrogen manifold
  • Streamlined design for process line ergonomics
  • Manufactured from 304SS
  • Can be paired with virtually any extraction equipment
  • GYLON gaskets


Compatible with

Hydrocarbon Extraction

Media Column Volume

2.2 L


Rated down to -40°C

Pressure Rating

350 PSIG

Fluid Transfer

Nitrogen/Vacuum Transfer


36″ L x 28″ W x 61″ H

Inlet/Outlet Connection

3/8” Tube Stub, 3/8” M-JIC


  • Class 1, Division 1 Compliant
  • Built to ASME standards
  • NFPA 58 LPG
  • Engineering peer reviewed

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Precision offers the following on-site product installation and training with experienced extraction technicians:

  • Craft Concentrates Training
  • Inline Color Remediation

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CRC Skid Color Remediation Column & Chromatography

Compatible with:
Hydrocarbon Extraction

Media Column Volume:
2.2 L

Rated down to -40°C

Pressure Rating:
350 PSIG

Fluid Transfer:
Nitrogen/Vacuum Transfer

36″ L x 28″ W x 61″ H