Heating Mantle System, Condenser Mantle



Our standalone heating mantle system (condenser mantle) is designed to wrap snugly around a glass tube of 24-35mm in outer diameter, with a coverage length of 14”.

The mantle is utilized to insulate and/or heat a tube to a specific temperature. The temperature is both set and controlled by a separate temperature controller– the Single Output Digital Temperature Controller or Dual Output Digital Temperature Controller.

Not only will this product save you capital on a heating recirculator and heating oil, but it will also be much cleaner and safer for laboratory use

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Easily fasten the mantle to the glass tube by placing a thermocouple between the mantle and the glass (through the seam of the mantle). This will ensure proper temperature control.

Once the probe is placed properly, simply tighten the mantle using its several velcro straps. These straps will provide efficient and even heating across the condenser surface area.

Now you can heat the outside of your condenser tube, reaching high temperatures (up to 250°C) precisely and consistently, without the use of heating oil.


  • Low wattage heating (150W) – heats up to 250°C
  • Safer than high-wattage heated recirculators & heating oils
  • Velcro viewing port for visual monitoring of tube/condenser
  • Notched outlet fitment around distribution receivers and swing arms for uniform temperature control to the point of collection



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