Booster Pump Kit (for HVE Thin Film Evaporators)

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The Booster Pump Kit (BPK) is designed to be paired with any high-vacuum application requiring high flow rates. 

This kit provides significantly higher flow rates in medium to high-vacuum applications. This improves stripping speed, ultimate vacuum levels, and the potency of the final distillate product.

The BPK employs a special type of vacuum pump, called a roots blower, that is piped directly into the inlet of the rotary vane pump. When using this pump in conjunction with the rotary vane pump, the flow rate is dramatically increased from 36 m3/hr or 21 cfm (RV36 Pump) to 156 m3/hr or 91 cfm (HB120 Booster + RV36) while still maintaining deep vacuum. 

The kit includes a common frame with casters, a manifold connecting the rotary vane pump to the booster, and a UL-listed control panel to control the booster pump.  The booster is designed to only engage at or below 50 Torr. Specific applications for this system include: thin/wiped film distillation (HVE* & InCon units sold by Lab Society), short path distillation systems, and many more applications requiring significant flow rates and high-vacuum.

Total maximum flow rate: 156 m3/hr (91 cfm)

Electrical Requirement: 208V 3 Phase 

* When pairing the BPK with Thin Film units, additional cold trap/condenser capacity is required; i.e. a secondary in-line,dewar-style condenser.  Additionally, continuous operation via pairing the Feed Pump Kit (FPK) & Discharge Pump Kit (DPK) will optimize the increase in throughput of the BPK on HVE systems.

** Reducing the vacuum path bore size less than the inlet flange size of a pump reduces the maximum possible flow rate to from the system to the vacuum pump.


Features & Contents:

  • Rotary vane vacuum pump & roots blower booster pump
  • Common frame with casters
  • UL-Listed control panel with start/stop controls & motor overload protection
  • Manifold between pumps
  • Oil drip pan
  • Oil mist filter for exhaust
  • KF40 inline ball valve
  • KF50 inlet flange, with KF40 and KF25 Reducers**
  • All necessary bellows, clamps & centering rings to connect to various systems


For applications requiring increased pumping speeds, additional (larger) pumping systems are available as follows:

  • HB330+RV50  – 330 m3/h / 198 cfm
  • HB600+RV70  – 600 m3/h / 360 cfm
  • HB1200+RV110 – 1200 m3/h / 720 cfm
  • HB2400+RV200 –  2400 m3/h / 1440 cfm
  • HB5000+RV300 – 5000 m3/h / 3000cfm


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