L-SEP Model 60LPH

Room Temp Winterization

Precision L-SEP Room Temperature Winterization Process

Instantaneous Results

The L-SEP (Lipid Separation) Process is a patent-pending and proprietary process for the removal of lipids from hydrocarbon or CO2 crude extracts in less than 10 minutes. Eliminating the need for traditional refrigeration and temperature control units in the winterization of oil.

Equipment Included

1 qty – RV100 Reactor

  • Includes mixer
  • Includes temperature monitor

1 qty – FP1 Filter Press
All hosing and connections
2 qty – 255L Holding Tanks
Nitrogen hose adapter
1 qty – ASE 100 Solvent Recovery*
*optional based on customer’s equipment needs


Cannabis & Hemp

Extraction Solvents

Hydrocarbon or CO2


97%+ lipid removal
97% process solvent recovery

Cycle Time

8-10 min per 100L batch

Per Hour

60L of crude

Operational Cost

Approx. $0.50 per liter


Recommended C1D2 process

Dimensions (approx.)

120″ L x 32″W x 49″ H

  • Extremely low operational cost (approx. $0.50 per liter)
  • High throughput batch process
  • Instrument grade solvents
  • Installation, equipment, and support included in package price
  • Up to 60L per hour of crude oil processing in standard configuration
  • Scalable technology with bulk configurations available (custom builds)
  • Ultrafine 3-micron filtration
  • Process is electrical free, requires only nitrogen and compressed air
  • Solvent evaporation can be sized to any throughput from 10-300L per hour
  • 120” L x 32” W x 49” H
  • 1,250 lb weight
  • 60 L of crude per hour
  • Interior finish spec Ra 32 or better
  • Vessel Sizes
    • 1QTY 100L (feed)
    • 2QTY 255L (receiving)
  • Mixer Air Requirements – 78CFM @ 100 PSI
  • Maximum Working Volume 610 L
  • 2-day installation and training, depending on operator’s needs
  • Linesets are UG-21 compliant PTFE
  • C1D2 process recommended

Not sure what this means? We have a Compliance 101 article if you’re new to the industry or you can contact us directly.

Customizable & Cost-Efficient

Winterization of Oil Equipment L-SEP System

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Depending on individual processing demands, the L-SEP process is customizable to almost any size. The 60LPH base configuration model comes standard with 100L vessel/filter press combination and all necessary appendages. The L-SEP 60LPH, which works with both hydrocarbon and CO2 crude cannabis and hemp extracts, is capable of processing up to 60 liters of crude oil per hour at a cost of less than 50 cents per liter.

FP1 Filter Press
Filter Press for Winterization Precision FP1
ASE 100 Solvent Recovery
Solvent Recovery for Winterization of Oil
RV100 Reactor
Reaction Vessel for Winterization of Oil RV 100

Product Demonstration

Approx. 5 minutes

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