Precision is excited to present the G3/G3X series of short path distillation kits by Lab Society. The G3/G3x series is a culmination of years of short path development and offers unparalleled throughput, potency, and system lifespan compared to other short path systems on the market.

The G3/G3X Executive Short Path Distillation Kit series is available in 5L, 12L, and 20L configurations and is built around a full-bore design that promotes molecular flow and conductivity under a high vacuum. This helps decrease pressure within the system as well as at the pump. Each kit includes a silvered distillation head, which greatly improves thermal efficiency. Coupled with the full-bore design, boiling temperatures within the system have been decreased by 20° to 40°C compared to non-full-bore systems. This increase in thermal efficiency and throughput allows users to experience higher potencies, due to less residence time within the system.

Each kit is available in a variety of electrical voltages to accommodate both international users and users who may have specific power requirements within their facility, and has been fully peer-reviewed and includes certifications for all electrical components.

G3/G3X includes all glassware, supports, & clamps as well as electronic controllers and monitors needed for operation. We’re also including extensive documentation and SOPs for GMP integration, along with our outstanding technical support and the Lab Society warranty.

Wiped Film Distillation Equipment TS-6

Short Path Distillation

Designed for
Cannabis & Hemp

Short Path

The G3 Series Short Path Distillation Kit series is the most comprehensive, innovative, and efficient short path kit we have ever released.

Runs Jacketless/Hot Condensers for Additional Separation

Warranty: 1-Year Components, 30 days for Glass, labor not included outside of the U.S.