The 20L G3X-R system is Lab Society’s fastest benchtop distillation system to date. Featuring a 150mm reactor flanged distillation head with a 100mm-wide fractionating column, this system has the ability to perform sustained distillation speeds of 4.5 liters per hour (LPH) discharge during the main body fraction. The distillation head, DH-150HE is built upon Lab Society’s patented high-efficiency distillation head technology.

High-efficiency distillation heads operate off of the principle of rapid pressure drop, or pre-condensation of vapors within the distillation head itself prior to exit to the attached condenser. The head features a vacuum-jacketed silver section above the flange connection which efficiently retains heat, thus reducing boiling flask temperatures required to reach desired distillation temperatures. The separation of this silvered section of the head and the top, unjacketed and non-silvered section creates a large temperature variance, triggering condensation and pressure drop. Having this “pre-condenser” in the top of the distillation head reduces the need for additional wattage of heating to the boiling flask as well as the wattage needed to cool the condenser – thus the high-efficiency terminology. Further improvements to the heating efficiency of this system include an insulating jacket that covers the area from the top mantle to the silvered section of the head, retaining precious heat below the condensation point.

The 20L G3X-R kit is built upon the G3X platform, which includes valved discharge points on the primary and secondary receivers for the ability to switch collection flasks during live operation. The kit also includes two (2) distillation head inserts: an evacuated, Vigreux-indented insert and a temperature-controllable fluid-filled finger insert. These inserts provide extra surface area within the fractionating column, which allows users to utilize various reflux ratios to separate compounds as they choose. Additionally, G3X systems include a primary/secondary condenser setup, giving users the ability to run jacketless condensers or hot condensers for additional separation. The liquid-cooled secondary condenser (LS-A90-VC45) replaces the air condenser on previous full bore systems, providing more surface area and the ability to cool the finger to the desired temperature.

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The 20L G3X-R system is Lab Society’s fastest benchtop distillation system to date.

Runs Jacketless/Hot Condensers for Additional Separation

Warranty: 1-Year Components, 30 days for Glass, labor not included outside of the U.S.