The FP1 Filter Press is a Direct Connection System Ideal for Filtration of All Kinds

The unit is assembled utilizing food grade parts and is compliant in all regulated jurisdictions for C1D1 operation. With the option to add up to 5 more filtration plates, the unit’s throughput is easily doubled. This is great when keeping scalability in mind, making it a reliable fit for labs of all sizes and production capacities.

Scalability & Reliability

The Precision® FP1 Filter Press is the ideal device for post-winterization filtration of miscella or crude, as well as fines filtration. Due to its direct process connection, the filter press can run continuously until its high solids capacity of 1-2 cubic feet is reached, while the five 2-3 micron filter plates the press is equipped with ensure adequate filtration. Furthermore, the FP1 is expandable to 2 cubic feet and, with space to accommodate up to five more filter plates, can easily scale with any system.

Efficient Cannabis Filtration

The strength of the all-manual function of the filter press is that it can be used in a C1D1 facility without the need for expensive explosion-proof components. Coming equipped with EPDM gaskets and food-grade stainless steel wetted parts on the manifold and pump, and the device requires very little air to operate.

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