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We protect our clients’ investment by delivering laboratory solutions to meet or exceed quality and safety standards in their jurisdictions. The landscape of extraction lab compliance is chaotic and changing. Our job is to simplify it.

The Precision Advantage

We are not just equipment manufacturers, or lab designers, we do both – and we do them exceptionally well! The best labs are not created in a vacuum, what goes in it and how it will be used dictates the design and compliance requirements. With our deep bench of integrated extraction specialists our customers come to expect:

Precision® C1D1 extraction lab solutions

Precision® C1D1 extraction lab solutions

EXP Extraction Room

EXP Rooms
C1D1 Extraction Rooms

Prefabbed, ready to assemble C1D1/C1D2 booths for primary extraction and post processing

  • For indoor use only
  • 1 day installation
  • Different sizes available
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Engineer peer reviewed
  • No exposed cables or wires
  • Includes fittings and wiring for installation
  • For use in all regulated jurisdictions†
C1D1 Extraction Lab Container

Extraction Pods
C1D1 Extraction Lab Containers

Fully assembled C1D1 extraction pods for every step in the extraction process

  • For outdoor & indoor use
  • 2 sizes available, 20ft and 40ft
  • Multiple configurations
  • C1D1 Compliant
  • Ready in 4-6 weeks
  • Easy to move
Precision C1D1 Extraction Lab Design

Extraction Lab Design
C1D1 Lab Design Services

Laboratory and facility plans from schematic design to full protocol set.

  • Several lab design packages to choose from
  • Timely deliverables
  • Licensed architects, MEP engineers and fire protection engineers on-staff
  • Specialization in extraction lab design
  • Free consultations
C1D1 Extraction Lab Safety

Highest Safety Standards

You deserve peace of mind no matter your budget. Our easy to assemble C1D1 extraction rooms are engineer peer reviewed, stamped and compliant for use in all regulated jurisdictions to get you moving quickly & safely. For a more turn-key outdoor or indoor solution, our extraction pods are also C1D1 compliant and built in partnership with one of the leading names in mobile lab containers for biotech and pharma. For custom or complex builds, our extraction lab design team of architects and engineers follow the most stringent safety standards so there are no surprises when it comes to the approval of your facility.

Extraction Lab Design Safety
C1D1 Extraction Lab Installation

Easy Installation

Everything you need, without the headache. Our C1D1 extraction rooms are designed to be installed in 1-day. Room panels fit through a standard 36 inch doorway and come with all the fittings and wirings for quick and simple installation. The mobile extraction pods are just as easily transportable with fork lift pick points to drop in place, no crane required, and with an easy single point connection for power – install is a breeze.

C1D1 Extraction Lab Safety

Masters of the Craft

What’s unique about how we design facilities is our ability to draw on almost two decades’ worth of experience in the cannabis space and integrate all of that tribal knowledge into the design. That experience goes into workflow design, equipment management, and ensuring the layout of the facility inhibits cross-contamination and production goals. That tribal knowledge is unattainable without working in this industry for a significant period of time or without working thousands of hours in a lab.

Extraction Lab Design Safety
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C1D1 vs C1D2: What’s The Difference?

When do you need a C1D1 zone? What equipment can go in there? How many classified rooms do you need in each step of the process? Our lab experts break it down.

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