Commercial Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Utilizing hydrocarbon or ethanol solvents, our commercial products are built for small, mid-level, and large scale processing of marijuana and hemp materials. Each product comes equipped with on-demand heating and chilling, providing extraction systems with maximum control and ease of operation for a diverse range of production.


Industrial Cannabis Extraction Equipment

As the marijuana and hemp industries continues to mature, producers and processors are struggling to meet an ever-growing demand for high quality THC and CBD oil while maximizing internal efficiencies. A need has developed for scaled industrial processing capacities with efficient, continuous feed extraction and post-processing technologies, especially regarding automation and continuous flow, to guarantee massive throughput.


Ancillary & Post Processing Equipment

From distillation equipment to vacuum ovens, temperature control units, compressors and more, Precision® has everything you need to run your extraction lab. Whatever your processing range and desired end product, Precision® offers a solution!


Precision Extraction Solutions has the equipment & expertise you need to succeed!

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