Innovating the New Standard

Precision® and CryoCann are innovating the way hemp and cannabis harvesting is done. We have always believed in being the catalyst to your vision and products, so together we are now offering next generation harvesting technology to give the growers options and efficiencies never seen before. We are dedicated to helping you where you need to go.

CRS 2000

CryoMass Refinement System

The CRS 2000 is a solvent-free harvesting and refinement system that utilizes patent pending technology to harvest, dry and purify biomass from cannabis and hemp plants.

Revolutionizing Refinement

Increases solvent-based extraction volume by up to 400%

At a rate of up to 600,000 grams per hour, the CRS 2000 instantly freezes the whole plant and fully separates the trichomes and essential chemical compounds from the biomass, including THC, CBD and terpenes.

The process, which provides instantaneous sublimation of water, renders up to a 90% dried output material with a dramatic reduction in biomass volume of up to 80%. The resulting concentrate can be warehoused, utilizing greatly reduced storage space, at room temperature for extended periods of time or further processed into cannabis and hemp distillate or isolate for use in consumer products.

The CRS 2000 drastically increases solvent based extraction volume by up to 400% due to the targeted separation of cellulose and plant matter from the essential terpenes and cannabinoids. The process leaves a high purity, refined “cryogenic sift” product.

Precision CRS 2000 Cryomass

The Total Refinement Solution

  • Enclosed in a C1D2 Container

  • Designed to EU GMP Compliance

  • Manufactured Out of 316L Stainless Steel

  • Clean-In-Place Ready

  • Programmed & Automatic Operation

  • Continuous Production Capacity

Redefining The Way You Process

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