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Precision® Professional Services

Our team of industry trained professionals provides your business the resources, experience and knowledge it needs to operate a safe, compliant and efficient extraction lab. Our methodology follows generally accepted safety and compliance requirements. Precision® takes the guesswork out of a labyrinth of building code compliance, site planning, blue printing, fire safety engineering, and local fire marshal compliance. Our processes and recommendations ensure a safe working environment and production of the world’s finest concentrates.

Professional Service Packages

  • Safety and compliance planning
  • Review existing facility architectural design sketches (if available)
  • Review customer’s desired plan for expanding to include hydrocarbon extraction processing lab to their facility
  • Review environmental conditions in customer facility
  • Provide guidance and recommendations to achieve a safe and compliant Class 1, Division 1 processing lab
  • Provide guidance on how to incorporate Precision® standard recommended Class 1, Division 1 “Blast Proof” room design into customer facility
  • Provide a pre-engineered modular designed room schematics that can be used by to ensure regulatory compliance and adhere to safety standards
  • Precision® will identify and contract (with customer’s approval) a State certified engineering and/or architectural firm to produce architectural stamped drawings that can be used for all local, city, county, state, and other regulatory agency inspections
  • Once the drawings are completed, customer is responsible for soliciting licensed contractor bids for the buildout of the facility
  • Pre-installation planning, site preparation, and safety/compliance review
  • Solvent and gas procurement
  • Equipment delivery
  • Scheduling a Precision® technician for on-site visit
  • Day 1:
    • Uncrating, and parts confirmation
    • Visual inspection of all equipment
    • Safety and compliance review of the “blast room” and facility to ensure it meets the minimum standards and compliance requirements for safe operation of all Precision® equipment
    • Equipment installation and setup
    • Assembly of Precision® extractor
    • Setup chiller and heat bath
    • Validate all seals, fittings, and pressurized vessels are properly installed and functioning
    • Solvent filling and safe handling
  • Day 2 & Day 3:
    • Basic processes and safety requirements to follow for safely and correctly running a Precision® extractor
    • Post-run processing – pouring, purge, vacuum oven best practice, manipulating product
    • Machine cleaning and maintenance practices
    • Visual inspection of seals and gaskets
    • Mandatory and regular servicing and replacement of worn out gaskets, clamps, nuts/bolts, and fittings
    • Solvent filling & distillation.
    • Material prep and column filling
    • Extraction run processing
    • Nitrogen assist system
    • Active/passive recovery
    • Best practices and tips for post-processing
    • Fine tuning and troubleshooting techniques
    • Stepwise procedures for SAFELY dealing with unexpected problems and issues that may arise during extraction runs
Normally a “follow up” to our Installation & Basic Training package, this package expands on the basic training with techniques and processes to optimize production and workflow to achieve operational efficiency, maximize production output, and ensure a safe and high quality end product.

  • Data collection techniques and recommendations
  • Review expected operational parameters for extractor operation and production
  • Material preparation and column packing tips and techniques
  • Optimizing extraction runs
  • Post-processing techniques
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and process documentation development
  • Drafting of standard operating procedures compliant with local Authority Having Jurisdiction (“AHJ”)
  • Quality control and assurance program drafting that encompasses certified and compliant third party lab testing, which may include: moisture content, potency analysis, foreign matter inspection, microbiological screening, residual solvent testing, pesticide screening
  • Good lab practices SOP as internal operating and for submission to AHJ
  • Install/workflow verification including internal, third party and licensed engineer engagement
  • Via third party licensed engineer, drafting of engineering field verification for AHJ
  • Original field verification letter to be provided to client and for submission to AHJ prospective audits
  • Advanced plant flushing techniques
  • Proper harvest timing
  • Proper harvesting technique
  • Material storage
  • Column preparation
  • Clog prevention
  • Column soak times
  • Proper dewaxing column use
  • Filter stack preparation
  • System maintenance and up-keep
  • Advanced Extraction IT
  • Non-nucleating pre-purge
  • Proper temperature, oil rotation and timing
  • Low/ND solvent analysis technique
  • Encompassing necessary components and methodology for creating a high quality “live resin” product.
  • Handling requirements
  • Solvent temperature
  • Soak times
  • Moisture reabsorption/elimination
  • Changes in oven parameters
  • Producing a “budder” consistency
  • Producing a “shatter” consistency
  • Producing a hybrid “batter” consistency
  • Oven parameters
  • Encompassing necessary components and methodology for utilizing ethanol and ethanol-based equipment for post processing/secondary solvent
  • Solvent sourcing
  • Extract “clean up”
  • Winterization
  • Rotary evaporator operation
  • Reactionary vessel operation
  • Filtration
  • Encompassing necessary components and methodology for utilizing a propane dominate (>60%) solvent mix to make a light colored extract with high terpene retention through the use of a temperature regulation.
  • Hydrocarbon blending
  • Proper temperatures
  • Proper pressures
  • Propane safety
  • Purging
  • Includes remote pre-site planning and site preparation for the installation of the wiped film evaporator machine up to a 4” size.
  • Installation and training includes machine function overview, purity production and workflow processes.
Precision® provides professional solutions in the form of off-site consulting and on-site training to help our clients maintain safe, compliant and operationally effective labs with diversified product line-ups and maximized profitability. From lab buildout, safety and compliance, to production of world class oil, shatter, budder, batter, wax, live resin and more, we’ll get you there. If your business is looking for solutions that are not listed here, we’d be happy to build a custom consulting proposal for your specific business needs.
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